Toyota Solara Convertibles

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A: Solara has both hard top and convertibles–on this final 2008 year. In 2009 Solara will be discontinued, and replaced by the Toyota Venza–a station wagon. (Toyota never understood how good solara was–and they mal formed it since its exquisite original classic 1999 body form…but then…most Toyota are very ugly indeed. Other than quality..they have no sense of the American mind, and desire for neat lines and not droopy teardrop Godzilla headlamps…Maybe they will learn how to make a nice looking car. Honda has!

Q: does the toyota solara convertible come with navigation if i request it?
I am planning on purchasing a new car soon and was thinking of a Toyota Solara Convertible. The thing is that i travel a lot and wanted to know if it comes with a navigation if requested. I have looked at a few but still have not found any that have a navigation system installed.

A: It is an option on the Toyota Solara Convertible SLE (model only), it is not available on the SE or Sport versions of the Solara Convertible.

Q: Would you buy a 2005 Toyota Camry Solara convertible with 59,000 mles on it?
Would you buy a 2005 Toyota Camry Solara convertible with 59,000 mles on it? It is a Toyota Certified vehicle and the dealership is asking $15,700 for it? Is it possible for me to talk them down on the price?

A: You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here –

Q: Toyota Solara convertible or a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?
I am trying to decide which one to get I want four wheel drive and I also want a manual 5 speed. What are the pros and cons about getting either car. Thanks!

A: Toyota better resale,more reliable and will do well in snow has front wheel drive.

Q: Does anybody know when the Toyota Solara Convertible was redisgned? I don’t like the sloped back.?
I want to buy a used solara convertible before the redesign.

A: The redesign was in 2004. The oldest solara convertible you can get is 2000. So, you’ll be looking for 2000-2003 convertible (2002 and 2003 are designed slightly differently than 2000 and 2001.)

Q: Should I buy a Toyota Solara Convertible?
I would love to hear from someone who has this car…what do you think of it? I have a RAV4 now, which I love, but am ready for something different. I have been looking at 2006-2007 models. Thanks!
ROFL! Thanks, Matt!

A: i say yes, go for it. they are pretty sporty and come with an available v6, to get away from police, i mean pull onto the freeway. and they have a big trunk for bodies, i mean, shopping.

hope this helps


Q: Do you own a Toyota Solara convertible?
Want one! Need to know if it drives well in the snowy states in the wintertime. I live in MA and can have the top down for 6 months a year, but want to know about the cold, snowy, rainy, sleety months.
Thank you!

A: iI have a 01 Solara convertible. It drives great in the winter. It is pretty heavy and front wheel drive so it goes through the snow, rain and sleet great. I also have a 03 Miata, and it sits and spins in the snow :(

Q: Do they still make the Toyota Solara convertible?
Is there a 2009 model?

A: Yes. The Solara COUPE is discontinued.

ONLY the convertible is going to be produced in 2009. It’s not out yet, but will be soon.

From your friendly Toyota Salesperson :)

Q: Toyota MR2 Spyder or Toyota Solara Convertible?
Like an early model from around the year 2000 or so. Which is better?

A: MR2 is a 2 seater, and gets better fuel economy. It is purely a sports car.

Solara is a 4 seater, and much heavier. It is a luxury car with no sporting capability. It does have a big trunk.

Which is better depends on your needs and wants.

Q: Can a 2007 Toyota Solara convertible be damaged by going through an automated carwash?

A: Re: Solara Convertable and Car Wash


Its really not a good idea to run your rag top through an automatic car wash. It cost 2400 bucks to replace that top plus labor. I know from experience. And you are not supposed to use any strong or commercial soap on the top as used in a car wash as it dilutes & washes away the scotch guard that is impregnated into the top. Read your owners manual.

Q: What do you all think about the Toyota Solara convertible (2000-2007)?

relatively inexpensive maintenance?

good performance for its class?

I read that Porsche and Toyota have the highest customer satisfaction ratings, but I just wanted to ask on here, too.


A: It is about 3X more expensive to repair than an American car, its performance is ok, but its basically just a rebadged Camry so for its class its not that good, and there are tons of complaints about how Toyotas customer service and how they dont help you at all. Toyotas relibility has fallen in the last few years, so if you buy one get an older one;_ylt=AjkHcZs4BpRmX1LxHlzT7XTty6IX?qid=20070301210328AAn8E5d
Instead get a Volkswagen Eos or Pontiac G6 convertible. The G6 is esentially the same car as the Solara, but its much cheaper to fix and has a better engine. The Eos is the best, but is even more expensive to fix than a Solora, if it breaks down.

Q: What are your opinions on a Toyota Solara Convertible?

A: I have a 1999 Solara SLE V6. Best car I ever owned. Solara’s were discontinued they say, because Toyota was losing Lexus business to them. They are very close to a Lexus. So Toyota stopped making them and instead decided to just produce the usual cheesy Camry’s and Corollas. Toyota seems to think people are stupid. I love my Solara but I will NEVER buy the Toyota junk. and now that I know they have ripped me off by discontinuing my model, I will boycott Lexus. I don’t want them anyway, people were killed in them from the accelerators, and they are now all plastic too, just like the cheesy Camry’s and Corollas. But the Solara, yea that’s the last good Toyota left, and now that they are discontinued, they may be collectible some day. Certainly the normal cheesy Camry’s and Corolla’s will not be. Their future lies in the junk yard.

Q: I’m looking for a Black Toyota Solara convertible?
As the title says, I’m looking for a Black Toyota Solara convertible within 50 miles of Dennis, MA or 50 of Canton, MA. is no help, so can anyone help me out? I’m looking for private dealers or professionals or anyone with a car like this.


Q: toyota solara convertible?
I want a used toyota solara convertible. I found one but it has 115,000 miles on it. 8,000 dollars.
Is that a good deal????

A: thats pretty high dollars for a car with 115,000 miles but then again it is a toyota so it will last you along time if you baby and take care of the car and i wouldnt recommend getting a convertible unless its hardtop because someone car rip through it or it gets old and crunchy either way you would be paying for another soft top

Q: Will an ‘07-’08 tail light fit on an ‘04-’06 Toyota Solara Convertible?
I want a Toyota Solara convertible. I have the money for an ‘04-’06 but I want the LED tail lights of an ‘07-’08. Do you think they would fit?


A: I doubt it very much yet you can try with visual inspection.

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