Used Saturn Sky Convertible

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Audi TT (almost 2 seater)
Honda S2000
Pontiac Solstice or Saturn Sky

let me know what you think, the years would be around because i want it under 20K
and for the Sky and Solstice, of course the 2006 version being its the only one
and Z4 2003 being thats when it came out

A: I would say the S2000 for reliability , The Z4 for comfort and the Saturn or the Pontiac for looks. And i’m not to fond of the old TT and the Z3 isn’t any better So I would go with the Z4 out of what you listed but I’m personally a Porsche guy and have owned three now and for what your looking for see if you can find a nice boxter.

Good Luck

Q: Any good Sports car for big & tall drivers?
I’m 6′9″, 350 lbs and I love sports cars. I’m sick of being stuck driving my SUV or Truck around all the time, and want something I can have some fun with.

I currently have a 3000GT VR4 Spyder, and I fit in it fine and I love it, but I’m looking to pick up another fun car.

I used to own a Datsun 280zx and I fit in this fine too. I also recently test drove a C4 corvette and I fit, but not if I was wearing long pants- that close.

I don’t fit in the cadillac CTS, and I don’t fit in the Viper. I also don’t fit in my favorite car- the Saturn Sky, nor do I fit in the solstice (clearly), or the Mazda Miata.

a two door convertible is my first choice, but I can probably give up on the convertible part , but it’s got to have some level of rarity or prestige- I don’t think a camaro or mustang is quite what I’m looking for, although I do fit! Initially I was going to say it has to be between 5 and 20 years old, however, I’ll even relax that- ANY year sports car that is good for big and tall drivers!


A: Well…
I personally believe the Aston Martin V8 vantage is Extremely Comfortable for Big and tall Drivers.
It has a vast amount of legroom and is very spacious.
Check it out!

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