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Doesn’t it cost more money to build a convertible than building a coupe? I don’t see, why they wouldn’t build one.

I’m thinking about purchasing a Mustang or a Saturn Sky, if GM made a Saturn Sky coupe, then I would definitely get a Sky.

A: The market segment that the Sky is built for is the 2-door 2-seat roadster market. It is supposed to compete with other similar type of cars such as the Mazda Miata, Honda S2000, BMW Z4, etc… People buy these type of cars because they want a convertible.

These type of cars aren’t very high volume sales cars, so there most likely would be more cost involved if they had to design/produce two different versions which would lower their profit margins. This might be why you don’t see any coupe version of the cars listed above, yet you will find coupe/convertible version of higher end cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette or Dodge Viper (since higher end cars tend to be sell with higher profit potential).

Also the Sky isn’t really comparable to the Mustang. I do realize that part of the reason that you bring up the Mustang is because it’s available as both a coupe and a convertible. The Mustang is a 2-door coupe that they modified to also be made as a convertible also, while the Sky is a purpose-built 2-door convertible.

Q: 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP Convertible, 2009 Saturn SKY Red Line, or Opel GT?
can you tell me the mpg?
top speed?
and which you would get ?

A: i hav no i dea about the opel. top speed for the solstice and skyy is gonna be 160 mph highway gas mileage is 25 mpg city gas mileage is 19 mpg.

Q: I like Corvette and Saturn Sky but they sit only two. What Make is Convertible, has sporty look and four seats

A: There is:
Porsche 911 Carerra Cabriolet
Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet
Audi A4
BMW 330ci
Ford Mustang
Mercedes CL and CLK
Audi TT
Mitsubishi Eclipse
VW Eos
VW Golf Cabrio
Mini Cooper

Q: How is Saturn Sky for a first car?
I will be getting my licence soon, and I am starting to look for a new car, and I was wondering how Saturn Sky would be as a first car. If it wouldn’t be that great, could you please recommend something for a first car? I am looking for a coupe, or even more preferrably a convertible.

I’ve looked at the Hyundai Tiburon, Mustang, Saturn Sky, and other cars on Ebay. Which of these (or matching criteria) would be a nice first car?
Thanks, you guys are so nice

A: If you can afford the insurance, I suppose the Sky is okay. They are a very nice car. Since you are just starting out with your driving experience, why not look for something sporty with a V6, or 4 cylinder (for lower insurance rates). I am curious to know why you require a new car, as the first car too? Don’t you think it would be better to get a good nice looking used car to gain the needed experience, then step up to a new car?

I saw the Pontiac Solstice, and the Saturn Sky. They are both based on the Opel GT of Europe. The Pontiac starts out at $22,000 and some change. The Saturn starts out at $25,000. Isn’t that a bit expensive for a first car? All are very nice cars, but do you need a car like that to start out with?

Q: Which car would have the highest insurance rates out of these?
1. 2001 Audi TT Coupe 33,000 miles
2. 2007 Saturn Sky Convertible 8,603 miles
3. 2006 Volkswagen Jetta 31,000 miles
4. 2007 Scion tC 39,000 miles

I am 16, and these are all stick shifts, and when i get one of these 4 in December, i think the one of the biggest factors for me at least comes down to insurance costs.

A: The Audi would most likely have the greatest insurance costs, First because it is a more expensive car to begin with, second that car has only two seats, Third because of the fact that your young any car will be be expensive. The cheapest will most likely be the VW or the scion . The transmission has nothing to do with the cost of insurance. But the only way to know what you will actually pay for each car would be to call your insurance agent.

Q: I was thinking about getting a Saturn Sky as a car, but…?
…all of the ones I’ve seen are only convertibles! Are there only convertible sky’s or any like a regular, hard top car?

A: Yes convertible only…Chevy will honor and keep making parts for 20 years…At least that’s what cnn said today..

Q: salvage saturn sky pricing?
i have a friend who owns a body shop and he is going to try to get me a saturn sky convertible. i was wondering, with a medium amount of damage, whats this gonna cost me. and please dont tell me that salvage cars are junk. this is for a first car for my son. he doesnt need something perfect.

A: The main reason you should not buy a salvaged car for your son is because they are not safe.
Would you let your son ride a motorcycle? That is essentially what you are doing by buying a salvaged car…especially something like a Sky, which doesn’t have the greatest safety ratings to begin with.

Now to your question – Salvaged cars are hard to value because they always depend on the amount of damage. If a Saturn Sky was salvaged, it really is ‘a lot’ of damage and not ‘medium’ amount of damage. They Sky has only been out for a couple of years, which means that damage had to have been at least $13K (or 70%-80% of the car’s residual value). It could possibly be even higher.

Too hard to tell what it is worth without getting it inspected, but don’t pay anything close to blue book or black book value.
Plus, like the above poster stated, make sure you can insure the car before you purchase. Most carriers will not insure salvaged vehicles.

Q: Reccommend me a car!! (possibly convertible)?
Ok, this is my third car i will be purchasing. I am 18 years old and have so far had a – Ford fiesta 1.3 and a Ford fiesta 1.6 Zetec.

I am looking to spend more money on a car now, and have more of a classy car. I am looking to spend around £6,000

I found some older BMW convertible 320’s etc. that were around 6,000 but the insurance was sky high for convertibles.

I would love to find a convertible car that i will be able to get insured on.

I am willing to go without the car being convertible and have a hard top bmw or other nice make..

All ideas are appreciated. If you need any more details please ask..

A: Try an old Audi 80 convertible.
Classic and cheap to insure.

Q: I need to know about the Saturn Sky?
Does anyone know if you can get a 2006 saturn sky that is not a convertible stock. Also same question for the 2006 pontiac solstice

A: No.
The Solstice and Sky are only made as convertibles.

Q: Which convertible do you like better?
Saturn Sky, Ford Mustang GT convertible, or Cadillac Xlr

A: Looks————XLR
Performance and Affordability—–Stang
Saturn is and will always be saturn….don’t get the sky. Crap, just looks nice and that probably won’t even last long.

Q: Buying a new Convertible Car?
This is a question especially for girls. I’m planning to buy a new car, mostly a convertible..Which out of the following 5 convertible wud impress u the most?

Pontiac Solstice
Mazda Miata MX5
Ford Mustang
Saturn Sky
Toyota Solara

If none of the above, which one wud u suggest?
And which color will be the best? My budget is less than 30k. Honda S2000 goes above the budget

A: Seeing as you are a guy, I would probably only be impressed if you were driving the Ford Mustang convertible. Another one I would recommend is the new Pontiac G-6 hard top convertible (still right around your price range). Those are the most “manly” convertibles that come to mind!

Q: saturn sky question and bmw z4 question?
my dad wants a roadster convertible and im wondering how good the bmw z4 is and saturn sky what roadster would be the best one for around 35 grand?

A: I would avoid the Sky. It is NOT too new to assess reliability, as another poster stated. Consumer Reports, the industry’s leading watchdog of reliability in brands, gives the Sky it’s worst possible grade for reliability, a poor(solid, black dot). Here is a sample of what they say about the vehicle in general….

“Saturn’s version of the Pontiac Solstice uses the same standard 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine that sounds and feels harsh. The base Solstice we tested exhibited handling that is fairly agile and easy to control, and had a tolerable ride. The cabin has unimpressive fit and finish and lacks storage cubbies. Folding the soft top is a multi-step process that requires getting out of the car. The trunk has virtually no storage space”.
Highs-Acceleration, steering.
Lows-Top design, luggage space, fit and finish, shifter, noise, access, controls, driving position, visibility, reliability.

To fit your price range, your Dad will probably need to buy a used Z4, but they are excellent vehicles and worth it. He should also consider such outstanding options as the Mazda MX-5(Miata), or the Honda S2000. Good luck.

Q: I’m looking for a cheap sexy 2 seater convertible..?
=) my dream is to eventually get a MR2 spyder. ahh that’ll be the day! =D but for now.. i have to settle with something cheap. preferrably 6k and under. i reallllllllllly really love the s2000 but its hard to find a cheap one =/ do you know of any? my mom has a 2009 saturn sky redline edition, its a convertible 5 speed. that and the other two are the only two seater convertibles that i really know of and she likes to rub it in my face!. anything would be greatly appreciated =) thank you in advance.! remember.., CHEAP!
ughhhh miatas are so uglyyyyy! dont the skys look like the bat mobile.. ahh hah
oh and cant forget about the nissan 350z =( i wish i was rich.

A: you can find a decent Audi TT for about $8k. You also might be able to find a 92-96 LT1 powered C5 Corvette for $6k. Other 2 seater convertibles that come to mind are Miata’s, Fiero, Bmw Z3 and Z4.

some nice convertibles that you might want to look for under $6k, but 4 seaters, can be 98-02 Camaro and Firebird and 99-04 Mustangs.

Alright, so which would you choose the Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice, or Mitsubishi Eclipse(hardtop or convertible?)??? Why???
Which has better resale value?

A: The Saturn and Pontiac are pretty much the exact same, just with different styling cues. Personally, my preference is the Saturn because it looks exotic and Saturn has the best dealers in the world (they will even drive to you if you want to test drive!) The Mitsubishi I think is just plain old ugly, not to mention the massive blindspot lurking on the convertible top. Plus, the new Lancer is determining if Mitsubishi will stay in the states or not, if it doesn’t (most likely looking at the sales of the Lancer), it will leave making finding parts hard and expensive. I would prefer the hard top over soft because it is a quieter ride, less expensive to maintain, cooler, improves image and keeps heat in your car better.

Q: Looking to lease a new convertible -MSRP between $25k and $50k, what’s my best bet?
There’s a lot cars on my list right, but I’m looking to narrow down and find the best buy out there, between mercedes SLK, audi A4, volvo C70, mustang GT, pontiac soltice, saturn sky, nissan z, porsche boxter. which one?

A: For the price the Pontiac Solstice is a great car. But the best bet out of the cars listed is the Mustang GT. Not only is it an incredible car, it will hold its value better than any other.

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