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You’ll also need to provide the age you received your license, your occupation (certain occupations get discounts)
Your education level or if you’re a student.

What you’ll use the car for, commuting, pleasure etc how many miles you think you’ll drive in a year.

If you own a home or boat or any other insurable thing affects your rate. As a previous answerer mentioned, your rate is based on how much insurance business the company thinks they can get out of you. e.g. if you own a home and switch to their home insurance you get a further discount on your car insurance.

Zip Code is actually pretty crucial in the calculation of insurance because if you live in a high crime zip code where your car is more likely to be damaged or stolen, that will add more to your premium.

The quickest way to find out would be to get a free online quote from or

I’d recommend progressive because they just email you a quote and don’t call you or require your phone number.

Q: whats a good down payment on a silver pontiac solstice convertible?
In a few months im turning 16 and im getting that car.
Yeah, I know, my mom whos paying it should know all of this stuff, but I just need to know the monthly payment which I need to know how much a down payment we should do.

A: It depends on Mommy’s credit.

Q: What is the best bicycle carrier I can install to my 2007 Pontiac Solstice Convertible?

A: You need to install trailer hitch with the draw tie style square mount and there are 3 different bike carriers that use that mount.

Check with UHaul hitch installers, any one near you that installs hitches on cars

and remember if they list a hitch just for the Saturn SKY it will work on the Solstice just fine.

I don’t have time to shop it right now… Good Luck…

Q: does the pontiac solstice convertible have a roof?
I was looking at them online and if it does have a roof where does it come out of?

A: yep it has a targa roof

Q: Does anyone know where i can find a pontiac solstice or a convertible new beetle for under $10,000?
i have a small budget of about $10,000 and need a car i was thinking of a new beetle convertible or pontiac solstice. i know, don’t laugh, a pontiac solstice is more pricey and not near $10,000 but was hoping if anyone knows of any on sale or a place to get them for cheap.
thanks so much i have been searching for a while and could use the extra help.

A: here in s.w. missouri u can buy a convertable new beetle for under $10G, but it won’t be a new new beetle. ur prolly looking at an ‘03.

try looking at e-bay or calling a few dealers in ur area and ‘put out the word’ as to what ur looking for, they have the resources, they can find u what u want.

Q: My husband wants to get a Pontiac Solstice convertible…?
Thanks for the heads up.
Neither of us know much about cars. Are they good cars – Should we stay away from GM?


A: They are fun cars to drive not a lot of room. We have seen some rear end problems but you do get a long warranty.

Q: Which car should I buy?? I have it down to 2 choices. Solstice convertible or Cadillac conv??
I could go either way. Love them both, clearly one is more expensive. As far as quality and durability is price going to mean quality, or should I go with the Solstice? Thank you!!!

A: I’d go with the caddy… Im with you though, both are nice rides..

Q: 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible, 2009 Pontiac Solstice Convertible or 2009 Ford Mustang Convertible?
I love them all but still cant choose
Help me please

A: Coming with someone who loves her eclispe….I would have to say go with the Eclipse…The 09’s are gorgeous…I don’t know if i would ever go with a convertible again but that’s just me. Mustang would be my second choice, red or black on either would be my decision.

Q: Which car is more fun to drive, Mustang V6 Convertible or Pontiac Solstice?
Going to be renting one of them later this month. They are both similar price. So, which is the better drive?

A: The Pontiac.
The smaller car is always more fun to drive and better handling.

The Ford Mustang is a heavy car and the aerodynamics are bad since its boxy design.
It is a slow car and it handles badly because of the size and weight.

The Pontiac is small and light. It is 10 times more fun to drive.

I have driven over 200 cars including the Mustang. I don’t see why people like Mustangs.

Q: how does the pontiac solstice gxp convertible handle in the snow/wilnter driving?

A: The weight distribution is close to 50-50. The turbocharged engine is not well suited to slippery conditions.

If you have to ask, you should not drive it in the winter.

I would put narrow snow tires on it for the winter, and upshift at around 1500 rpm to stay out of the turbo.

I drove a ‘70 AMX in the winter (back when we had winters in Minnesota) without any problems – 60% of the weight on the front, 390ft-lbs, 4 speed close ratio manual. It is about the same wieght as the Solstice GXP, with a lot more torque.

Q: How much is it monthly to lease a Pontiac Solstice?
If I want a 2008 Pontiac Solstice Convertible fully loaded which would come to about $24,000 and I have over 720 credit and put $2,500 down and I want to lease it for 3 years %0 APR. Approximately how much would my monthly bill be? All the “estimate payments” I have tried come to a price that you would be paying for a BMW so I want someone to answer me that has this car.

A: Go to and use their lease caclulator.
The lease number is determined by a few things.
1. The sticker price.
2. Your negotiated sales price.
3. The money factor (the interest rate used in leasing) and
4. the residaul for the car at the end of the lease.
Also, it will change based on terms (122436 months)
Never put money down on al ease and never lease beyond the warranty!

Q: 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP Convertible, 2009 Saturn SKY Red Line, or Opel GT?
can you tell me the mpg?
top speed?
and which you would get ?

A: i hav no i dea about the opel. top speed for the solstice and skyy is gonna be 160 mph highway gas mileage is 25 mpg city gas mileage is 19 mpg.

Q: Does the Pontiac Solstice come in hard-top convertible??

A: nope. Just the soft top

Q: What your overview on the car Pontiac Solstice 2D Convertible!?
I’m consedering in purchasing my first vehicle and this is my top choice. I’m 20 yrs old and i have driving experience for about 3 years. My parents are old fashion so they dont recommend this vehicle for multiple reason ( small bad for accidents, 2 seater, no reliable, etc) I know parents are always right but idealty i always wanted the Nissan Z but it’s a big loan and I’m still going to school. Does anyone own this vehicle if so do you recommend it? Is is a good car?? Ohh by the way i can only afford payments no more than 400 but 450 is negotiable. Thanks and appreciate the input in this matter.
Omg i was browing online at this website carmax and i found Nissan Z for reasonable price. This is my dream car!! I really want this car :) I have a feeling that this is a better than the Poniac and Saturn.

A: At age 20 why would you want to strap yourself to a $450 per month car payment? This would be a fun car but the insurance would be a killer. It will be bad no matter what you drive but this or the Z would be really bad as they are classed as sports cars. Get something that is going to be affordable and reliable. It doesn’t need to be a geezer car but one that would be better suited to a young driver.

Q: can someone tell me if pontiac solstice is a hard top convertible or a soft top convertible?

A: Right now it only comes as a soft top convertible. There are prototypes of it being a sports coup as well (non-convertible)

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