Used Pontiac G6 Convertible

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A: You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here –

Q: Cars similar to Pontiac G6 GT Convertible?
I am looking at cars for when I turn 16, and I really like the Pontiac G6 GT Convertible. Are there any cars similar to this in body style? I prefer that the area around the transmission looks a little on the sleek side, and I want a convertible. It needs to have a back seat and have pretty good mileage. I’m looking for something used, so the car shouldn’t be too new. I need it to be around 2005-2007. I would really appreciate if you could show me some links to used cars similar to the G6!

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Q: Will you help me find a Pontiac G6 GT Convertible?!!!?
I am looking for a 2009 Pontiac G6 GT Convertible. I want it in black with either black or tan leather interior. An ‘07 or ‘08 will do as well. I need it used in the price range of 15,000-22,000 with preferably less than 25,000 miles on it. I want it in BLACK!!! Which is hard for me to find in the moment with what I’m asking.There are a lot of used ones in white with lower mileage and a good price, but none in black.
Please Help!

A: I’ve been doing a lot of research on used/pre-owned cars lately – trying to find the best ride for me. What I do is place a search for dealerships in cities near me in Google and Google maps gives me a list of them and I go throught the dearlers’ inventory to find the best results. You should try that, but and place Pontiac in the search engine. You should find some good results. Good Luck!

Q: are Pontiac g6 convertibles good cars? is this a sport car?
i would also like to know do these cars break down a lot? would it last me a while? are they expensive to fix? are they fast? i heard the g6`s were best of Pontiac. oh and how much do they range in price for a new and used one?

A: Though Pontiac is leaving our lineup they have left many quality vehicles for you to purchase. The G6 is a wonderful vehicle in my biased opinion. The 2009 Pontiac G6 Convertible gets the 3.5L V6 engine standard. It also comes with hydraulic power steering standard. It also comes with 18 flangeless machine faced aluminum wheels. Also it has dual-stage frontal and side-impact air bags, with driver and right-front passenger Passenger Sensing System which is standard in the Convertible. There is also the radio which is AM/FM stereo with CD player and MP3 playback, seek-and-scan, digital clock, auto-tone control, Radio Data System (RDS), automatic volume, TheftLock, auxiliary input jack, USB port and 36 cross-band presets which is again standard on this vehicle. The radio above is paired with the Monsoon high-performance 8-speaker system with high-mounted tweeters and subwoofer in the Convertible. The Convertible also gets our Bluetooth for phone system with our HMI system (Human Machine Interface). It also comes standard with Remote Keyless Entry and Remote Vehicle Start. You also get the 3 months of XM and 1 full year of OnStar. Both are standard. I hope this information helps you!

Jeff Morris, GM Customer Service

Q: Help! I just bought a new G6 Convertible, got 0% interest and now they are saying can’t do 0%, bring it back.
I purchased this G6 Convertible under the terms of 0% interest last Tuesday. Today I received a phone call from the finance manager saying I need to bring the car and back redo paperwork because they cannot do 0%. I think the reason is.. Pontiac is offering 0% interest this week on there cars. Well in the fine print on the website it states the G6 convertible and Solstice are not included in this deal, and they just caught their mistake. I have to drive 200 miles to return the car and look at the financing they are proposing. I asked if I could just have my car back (03 Accord) and they said *probably*. The paperwork says if they do not meet the finance terms the contract is null and void. When I return the car it will have 1000 miles on it and be ranked as Used (in my opinion). So does anyone have any bargaining ideas for me or ever dealt with this situation before? I really like the car and would like to keep it but not for alot more money.

A: You probably should contact an attorney. The dealer has some liability in this matter, and a week is a little long to find this out.

Alternately you can use Capital One on-line and get a great rate (if you qualify) and use the rebate to pay down the purchase amount if there is a rebate. But if you go in looking desperate to keep the car, they will win and sock you with a higher than necessary rate because you let your emotions rule over your head. Keep things in prospective!

Q: HELP, with convertibles!?
Ok so my dream cars are the Volkswagen eos and the pontiac g6 convertible.

i plan on getting a used car or leasing which ever is a better deal but my problem is i can’t seem to find anything cheap enough with either of these cars. so does anyone know of any cars like this

it needs to have 4 seats and come in auto, not only stick shift.

and i really want a hard-top convertible but if i find something great that’s not hard top that would be ok.

some others i found..

(this ones prob my favorite after the eos and g6)

i feel like there must be more cars out there just like these i don’t know of so if you know of any PLEASE inform me. if you have any info or estimates at best prices ill find these cars for and which one i will get the best deal on, anything! Thank You!!!

A: the only good car out of all these is the volkswagen eos. it has the excellent 2.0 liter turbo engine found in the golf gti. it handles really well, and is the only car that truly perfects the folding metal roof. by which i mean the windshield is the same size as normal, and the roof is normally sized. there’s little wind noise when the roof is up, and it looks nice too.

the pontiac and the chrysler are terrible cars. in fact, jeremy clarkson said that the sebring convertible was the 2nd worst car of 2008, with the first being the kia sedona. the pontiac is pretty poor too.

the mitsubishi isn’t nearly as good as the eos, but far better than the pontiac/chrysler.

so, if you’re going to get a convertible get the eos. it combines the looks and handling of a european sports car with the reliability and practicality of a european car, and is the only car to perfect the folding-metal roof.

Q: which is the better engine–the 3.5 or the 3.9? Do u use regular gas in the 3.9?
I am thinking about buying a G6 Pontiac convertible and I don’t know what engine to buy. The 3.5 or the 3.9. Does anyone know about the gas mileage and can u use regular gas in the 3.9?

A: You can use regular gas in any car. Even if it specifies 92 octane gas. Just dont abuse the engine and you should be ok. As for which engine, go to their website and compare MPG and HP ratings. Then decide which suites your driving style, more power or more MPG.

Q: Should I get a convertible?
I love cars, especially sports cars. I use to own a G35 coupe, and currently a TL….selling the TL come Spring. I had a Mustang convertible for a week, and although I hate the Mustand, I certainly liked the convertible aspect of it. However, even with the G35 coupe, sometimes I liked the attention, other times…not so much.

I live in Toronto, so it does snow here, a convertible is not the most practical thing, but I am 25, not married, and dont’ have kids. Do you think I should get a convertible? If so, what kind? I was looking at…

Mercedes CLK 350

and also the hardtops….

Lexus SC430
Mercedes SLK
Pontiac G6 (yeah the Pontiac seems odd, but what other hardtops are there?)

A: do it.

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