Used 350Z Convertible

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A: duct tape for now… call your insurance company, it probably needs the top replaced, which won’t be cheap.

Q: Nissan 350z Convertible?
I’m really thinking about getting a 350z. I’ve found a used 2004 with only 20,000 miles on it…I know its 4 years old but it cant really be that bad with 20k on it… right? Cars arent my thing so if someone could just let me know if its a good idea or not. Plus I’ve never had a used car before so I’m not sure what to look for or whatnot! Thanks!

A: don’t worry its a nissan they will run forever , i have a 2004 350z and it has 98k got it brand new for my 16th and still is a beast

Q: Nissan 350z?
In about 3 years how much will a used 2007 Nissan 350z Convertible cost?

A: It all depends on what Nissan does with the redesign of the 350Z. If people love the new bodystyle of the 350Z then the value will not hold up as well.

Ok for instance the new STI grill came out in 2006 and people hated it and the 2005 STI’s held tremendous value over the 06. I’m guessing you will be able to pick one up for around $20,000 in 3 years.

Q: 350Z or Audi tt 3.2 quattro or Camaro z28/ss or other?
alright, I’m going to be buying a used car sometime in the next few months and was wondering what would be the best car for me and my driving stlye. OK, i need something really quick with excellent control and traction and can NEVER lose stability. I am in a good situation right now where I have a few choices for really good deals on cars. I have the ability to get a used:
350Z w/ around 70,000 miles for $12-14,000
04 Audi tt 3.2 quattro w/ around 70,000 for $15-17,000 (a lil too much)
98-02 Camaro Z28/SS w/ around 70,000 for $12,000

Now, My type of car is a 2dr hardtop (coupe), (a targa top is fine, just no convertibles) and it has to be extremely quick and safe. Also, it has to be an automatic, because when I’m in certain “situations” I need to get away and dissapear super fast and do not have time to be changing gears or even looking to see what gear I am in. I need something that has extremly good handling and stopping power and will NOT lose control. I also need to be pretty fast when in a straightaway, but handling is more important.

I like the audi 3.2 quattro even though it is a little more then I am willing to spend. (I’d like to spend no more then $13,000 for a car with no more then 80,000 miles). I like it because it’s AWD, it’s super quick, and it’s an extremely nice car(also it has a much better interior), and it’s won’t lose control easily even when the road is a little wet.

The Camaro is the fastest car out of these but I don’t know how the handling will be because I know that these things are tail happy, I don’t know how much traction control will help it on a tight windy road.

Same thing goes for the 350Z except it’s just a tad slower then the Camaro LS1.

So…What car should I get, and if you have any suggestion to a different car, please let me know, thanks.

10 points to best answer.

A: From a female perspective… :)

Go for the Audi.

American cars are great in a straight line, but no good for the great curving roads we have in Australia.

I don’t care what anyone else says, 350Z’s are ugly. And they are a dime a dozen. They are also very slow.

The quattro is a “road & rally” car. Great for “fun” driving, going off road.

But then again, those three cars are very distinctly different types of car.

Personally I’d buy an Evo :) Even the earlier versions are better than most new cars on the road today.

Q: Buying a convertible, looking for suggestions…?
Okay, I’ve been looking to buy a convertible. It must be a manual transmission. It can be new, used or even a “classic”. My budget for the car is ~$40k. Bonus points for performance, styling and uniqueness. It’d be a second car so it doesn’t have to be all that practical or get great gas milage, although enough storage space for a weekend trip would be nice.

Cars that I’ve considered include:
- ‘02-’04 Maserati Spyder (high end of the price range)
- ‘05-’06 Mercedes SLK350
- ‘03-’05 Porsche Boxster “S”
- ‘05-’08 Nissan 350Z
- ‘69-’71 Corvette

Any other suggestions / ideas?

A: 2004 Porsche Boxster

avoid 05’s, 04 is better than 03
02 & 06 are highest rated.

02 $24,000, 06 $30,000+

Q: Which is the better Car Camaro SS or 350Z?
I am looking to get either a 2002 Camaro SS Convertible 6-speed anniversary edition or a 2003 Nissan 350Z Touring 6-speed. I live in SE Wisconsin so I would have to drive it in the snow on occasion. I know both of them arent the best in the snow but there my choices so any input would be much appreciated. I am kinda partial to the big V8’s cause I use to have a 94Z28 convertible so I really like them but I just cant decide between the two. Thanks much

A: Is this a serious question? A camaro SS with a six speed??? oh my god. they are awesome with 4 speeds in them. and with a six speed???? jesus!

but ok ok lets talk real here. If you want speed you have to get the camaro. i personally do not like the looks of 4th gen camaros compared to all the other ones. but i still like the looks better than the 03 350z. the 03 350z looks too much like something your grandmother would drive to bingo-night. they make it look too much like a sport coup instead of a sports car. It looks ok but your not going to turn as many heads with it as you will with the sound of an ss dual exhaust 325 hp bad to the bone six speed. Make sure its red, black , or white though. the green ones look pretty dull. blue is ok too i guess.

I have to say i am biased though. I love chevy and i love camaros my favorite is obviously a yenko 69 rs ss 454 but i still have respect for them. nissans not so much. ive had an old school 340z or something like that and yea it was pretty fun for how much of a pos it was but it was nothing compared to my camaros.the only people who give you thumbs up in a 350z are people who own 350zs

Q: Which one is better 2002 Camaro SS or 2003 350Z?
I am looking to get either a 2002 Camaro SS Convertible 6-speed anniversary edition or a 2003 Nissan 350Z Touring 6-speed. I live in SE Wisconsin so I would have to drive it in the snow on occasion. I know both of them arent the best in the snow but there my choices so any input would be much appreciated. I am kinda partial to the big V8’s cause I use to have a 94Z28 convertible so I really like them but I just cant decide between the two. Thanks much

A: according to me 2002 camaro ss would be better option for you. go for it :)

Q: Which car should I buy – Nissan 350Z or Infiniti G35 Coupe?
I want a semi-high-line sporty car. I love the 350 Z but the interiors are crap. And there’s only 2 seats. The Infiniti is way more luxury, and has 4 seats, compromising a little of the sportiness. I have also considered a Mercedes CLK (it’s been my dream car forever), but an auto-dealer friend of mine told me used ones are a mechanical nightmare, and not to buy one.

So anyone with any experience with the above cars, or suggestions of something comparable (it HAS to be sexy and sporty – don’t recommend a sedan to me or I’ll …. I’ll….I’ll do something bad), I would appreciate it. I’m approved and ready to buy, I just can’t get off the fence and decide which of these is the best choice!

BTW, we have no kids and don’t live near family or friends so 2 seats isn’t really a problem 99% of the time. Also, I’m in Miami, so a convertible is really NOT needed, although they’re cute. It’s just too friggin’ hot down here to have the top down.


A: Definitely Infiniti G35, i’ts looks sexier for us women. It won’t depreciate as fast as Nissan.

Q: first car. nissan???
after searching for a while.
i was orginally looking at a nissan altima coupe, honda accord coupe, dode challenger and a used ’80s convertible BMW.
now I’m checking out 3 used versions of the 350z.

all silver (preffered black but couldn’t find a black AUTO) one enthusiast one touring and one touring convertible.

what y’all recommend?

A: I recommend the Altima Coupe or the 350 Z. These cars are very reliable, fun and sexy! And if you could find one in black then it’s even better. If you go with the Altima Coupe get the 3.5SE V6. You will not regret it!

Q: looking to get a new convertible..?
Which do you think is the best?
im leaning to the S2000

Honda S2000
Audi TT
Nissan 350Z

and all of them would be used
please let me know what you think

and if u are bored please check out my website on exotic cars
tell me what u think of that too

A: I would have to go with the 350z. Unless your are a small person, the S2000 is really annoying to drive. To add to that, S-2000’s do not fare very well in collisions and are usually very expensive to repair. One headlamp is about 1500. Just keep that in mind. Not to say that the 350Z isn’t cheap, but it is little bit more reasonable.

Q: A car for a high school senior?
Do you think a fully restored 69 Camaro is a good car for a high school senior to drive everyday??
If not which of these is better:
2006 Mitsubishi Evo
2007 Subaru Imprezza WRX STI
2003 Range Rover G4
2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8
2005 Mazda3
2007 Cadillac CTS
2004 Nissan 350z Convertible(my favorite, red with black custom rims)

All of these cars are being sold at a local used car dealer for under 35k
please help me decide.

A: 2007 Subaru Imprezza WRX STI

Q: What are your top 3 favorite convertibles? Do you like 2-seaters or 4-seaters?
I’m considering buying one. Really, I just commute in this car.
I only want to spend 15-20K on a used with low miles.
Here are some ideas I had.
Toyota: MR2, Solara
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
Ford Mustang GT
Mazda Miata
Nissan 350Z
Mini Cooper
Honda S2000
Keep in mind, I’m a 38 year old white collar family man.
We have another family vehicle that seats 7.

A: If owning just one car, I would suggest a 4 passenger model. A two seater may seem sportier, but not as good a choice, especially with a family.
I have owned the Chrysler Sebring Conv., and liked it very much. The Toyota Solara impresses me as does the Mustang.

Q: What car should I buy?
Hey guys,

I’ve always been into muscle cars but I need a sporty every day driver. I’m not too educated on the choices out there since I’ve always paid most attention to old muscle cars (own a 1966 dodge charger). I have a few things I would like in the car:

2dr Coupe
3.0L or greater (around 300HP would be nice)
Maybe AWD option (live in chicago)
Maybe convertible option
somewhat ok gas mileage >20mpg
I’d like to spend less than $22,000
I prefer to buy a used car with 50,000 miles or less

I had looked online and found a few that are pretty nice:
Infiniti G35 coupe
Nissan 350Z
Mercedes CLK500

Anyone have any opinions or heard anything good/bad about these cars?

Also, does anyone have any other models that you suggest??? I don’t want to overlook anything! I’m not opposed to any make or model, I have an open mind about this. I trust your opinions way more than a dealer!


A: The 350z would be a good choice. You can easily find one under 22,000, and if you look for a 2007-2008, it will be noticeably quicker than the other 2 you listed.

As for models, I would look at an Enthusiast trim or above, as it comes with an LSD and traction control which would be handy in chicago’s winters.

3.5L making 306 hp/ 268 torque. (2007-2008)
3.5L making 300hp/260 torque (2006)
3.5L making 287hp/274 torque (2003-2005)

Comes in convertible, gas mileage within your range, etc. However, the 350z only seats two and doesn’t come in an AWD option.

The G35 you could also easily find within your price range, and can seat 4.

The engines are the same between the 350z and G35, although the Z will be slightly quicker due to a 300# weight advantage across the years. The coupe only comes in RWD but if you decide to go with the sedan, it does have a AWD option.

There is no convertible for the G35 however, but there is one that just came out for the G37, and it’s a hardtop convertible which is cool. (a little out of the price range though).

Now, I don’t know much about Mercedes, I’ll be honest. However, the CLK500 is the only car with a V8, but it’s acceleration seems to be right in between the 350 and the G35. It looks like it has the convertible, 5.0L engine, 300+ hp/torque; but I’m not sure about the AWD option or how good the gas milage is on that V8. Maybe someone else that knows that car can chime in.

Hope this helps.

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