Used MINI Cooper Convertible

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A: Wow… lots of open room here. Any idea of year, mileage or condition?

Kelly Blue Book ( puts a private sale of an ‘05 MC ‘vert at 14500 with 50k miles. Add $2′ for an MCS (bigger engine) and extra for more features.

Have any more details about a particular car for us to work with?

Q: Convertible mini cooper?
I am thinking of buying a used 2007-2009 convertible Mini cooper car. But I know cars always breaks down at some point. So before i made my decision, I like to find out how much do they cost for repair. Are they really expensive? I know they’re BMW made. So I am worried if they too expensive for a repair. Thanks in advance

A: Umm, I would just go with a classic reliable car..
Like a Honda Accord or Nissan Altima.

But if you are dead set on a Mini Cooper then I can tell you my teacher has a 2008 one and he hasnt had any problems.

Q: w hat kind of coolant does a mini cooper s convertible use ?

A: If you go to your local O’Reillys and ask somebody there they can help.

Q: How much is the value of an used sports car , 2000-2003 convertible model, I like BMW Z, Porsche Mini cooper.?
In AUS dollars please. And I will buy in Sydney.

A: 2003 z4 will cost you between $21,000-25,000
porsche boxster(cheapest model)1996-$19000
brand new mini 2007/08 cost $22,000

Q: Is there a difference in maintenance between the standard Mini Cooper and the Supercharged?
I have been wanting a mini cooper (convertible) for awhile, but it may still be awhile before I actually get one. I’m not as much interested in the stat difference between the two, but moreso the required maintenance. I’ve heard that supercharged cars require more maintenance or cost more for maintenance or something. Is this true? I’m not trying to decide which one to get, I’m just trying to decide if I should care, really. I’m planning to buy used.

A: There’s no difference in the maintenance. Same oil changes, filter changes and such.

You’ll have an absolute blast!

Q: Can I afford a mini cooper?
I would like a automatic convertible mini cooper and it would be my first car… I would actually prefer it being used. I make $57,000.00 a month and should soon get a good raise. Also what is a good monthly finance rate?

A: It really depends on your other monthly bills but I’d say sure you can. I bought an 07 last year, put 5k down and my monthly payments are just over $200. Good monthly finance rate is around 5-6% if you qualify. Coopers are awesome to drive. Ignore the “gay” comment. Mine is dark grey with a ton of chrome, hardtop S series. Get the S series but used, fairly new model in an automatic and low miles is a challenge to find. But you will love it. (Mini’s were updated in 2007 so I’d recommend nothing older).

Q: Which car is better Mini Cooper S or Peugeot 206 Convertible?
I currently have a 206 cc but can’t decide if I should change my car for a mini Cooper S? What do you think. Or any other car which are good for under £15,000 probably used.

A: i’d go for the Mini!
(did you know BMW company baught the mini,so technically the BMW maker makes minis)

Q: Can you list in order the cars you have owned, in order earliest to now?
Mine’s are 1987 Camry Stationwagon (my dad’s), 1997 Camry LE V6, 1994 Lexus GS300 (Used), 2006 Mini Cooper S Convertible. What’s yours?!
happiEphoeniX: cool!

A: 1998 F150 ( my first)
2001 F250 ( still have my Truck !!)

Q: used cars???????????????
ok. so i am starting to look for cars to buy. i want a used car. preferably a bmw or a mini cooper. a convertible would be ideal. but isnt needed. i like white or black cars, but any color is ok.

does anyone know of good websites or cars that are for sale?

also i dont want to spend a whole bunch of money. the cheaper the better. and no older then 2000. i know its alot to ask. but some of the stuff is possible.

- here’s a good website to look for real good, affordable and quality vehicles from official government auctions!

I bought my Honda Accord for just $2250 with a milage of 5,270!
And it’s been already a year I’m riding my car and it’s still doing well! I’ve recommended it to my friends and all of them are enjoying their used cars and have no problem with it!

Q: what 4 seater convertible?
hi all, im looking for a used 4 seater convertible thats not too big! i did consider a mini cooper jcw but i heard they are very expensive to run! i dont want to spend more than £9000! thanks in advance.

A: Well, I have a Mini Cooper S Convertible, i have had NOT 1 problem with it, knock on wood. Not expensive at all to run, They are good prices on them to. The JCW coopers are awesome!

Q: wut do u think is better to buy and to use for racing?
i wanna fast car and i am thinking to buy a fast car under $25,000. i wanna know if i should buy mini cooper convertible or smart?

A: dude i agree with mike C u should buy mastang GT. but u only wanna choose between those then i’d say mini cooper. my uncle has it i love the handling. btw GTs r better. hope i helped dude.

Q: Which car for a male teen in high school?
A new Mini Cooper S
A used BMW M3 convertible?

Or a suggestion of your own

Max cost is about $22k USD.

I am a MALE, and yeah pretty much thanks

A: get a used car that is cool such as a camaro or firebird with a v8 and have fun shooing the girls away.

Q: How do I decide which car is a better choice?
There are 2 cars that I really like. I like them both equally but for different reasons.

For years now, I have wanted a Volkswagen 20th anniversary edition GTI 1.8t in imola yellow. It is a rare collectors item. It is fast and so fun to drive.

I also like the convertible mini cooper type S.

Really it comes down to convertible or not, and that pretty much decides which car I go with.

I am the sort of person that will use the convertible every day. Even if I’m freezing. But I also want to have a collectible car. Anyone can have a mini. But less than a thousand people can have a 20th ae GTI.

What would you choose? Why? What do you drive?

A: the Mini Cooper S

is tons of fun to drive and if you buy a new one you won’t have to worry about mechanical problems.

Q: It’s me again asking questions about the U.K..doesnt anyone want to keep in touch so i wont ask anymore?rofl?
ok so another question ive been wondering is that do some of you get your drivers license and drive cars, because here we get our license at 16, unless we lag, and get our cars too.
Can someone email me so i can stop asking questions!!!!?
Well, the reason im asking is because i want to move to England?….and i want to kno how life is!
so far i’ve heard good feedback just the weather. Im so used to it always being a sunny perfect day even in the winter. And i don’t want to give up driving(considering the fact that i just got my car[convertible mini cooper<3], and license)
And im wondering if i move will i be left out or bitchedd at because im American or new.. im not a girl thats dramatic..don’t like talking behind a persons back and spreading rumors and all that other stuff! That’s immature..
Also is there a language barrier…because sometimes while reading what you guys type i dont understand!Some people think that oh american girls are dumb…blonde..whatever..yeah i have light hair and and pretty(<- im not conceded im just typing what people honestly say to me) but im pretty in honors classes top of my class! So do you guys think there would be drama…which is a key role of the moving and going to school..Education is a biggy…the curriculum?

Can you guys help me out…which would be freakin awesome!
also can someone email me!!<-the tenth time i mentioned it loll=D

thanks x 1000 <3
keep in mind if never been to U.K, ive been to italy though…lolll
I’ve also never seen snow in my life
Stating the obvious im from Los Angeles(id abbreviate but sometimes people get annoyed by it) Southern California
I Love sun….beaches…food…and im planing on being an orthodontist(<-kinda teeth obsessed)
I have a small nose and all those other good stuff natrually. Im just saying that cause on my last question a person said ive probably had work done all over….and bulimic..which is inevitable for me i eat like there’s no tomorrow and i work out allot!!
Local Gyms?

emailss puhhleeasseee!!

A: You can get your provisional (permit) license at 17 and start to learn to drive then, then after passing the test (at any 17+) you can drive, but before you take the practical test (lasting 30-40 mins) you need to complete and pass a theory. It’s expensive though all of this, the theory test costs about £20-40, the practical costs £130-180 a go, and lessons about £20 an hour. It’s said that the national average hours needed (or recommended) is about 25-40. In total, learning to drive can cost us £1000-2000. Nice hole in the pocket :( Also, petrol prices soar. Particularly this year it did (up to 120 pence per litre), but recently it seems to stay at a steady 89-93 pence per litre. Still expensive compared to the US though.

If you’re moving here, don’t worry about what you look like lol. Just be yourself and find friends who you fit in with, and be friendly. That’s all you need to do. If you’re seriously thinking about moving here, take a visit first, I suggest staying for a few months. Just to see if our culture and lifestyle actually suits you, since you may actually like our culture and find it fascinating, but may not be able to live with it. Also, visit a few places, there are quite a few different places in the UK with different lifestyles/cultures of their own. From little market towns or villages, to the big cities or living in the countryside, north or south, England, Scotland or Wales.

Q: good first car for 17 year old?
Im looking for a car to buy but i have no clue which cars are good as first cars. My budget is under 10,000 and if im lucky the max could be 15,000 but not higher than that! Im looking for a used car since prices go down so quickly, i would also like it to be economic in gas because of the gas prices now! I would like pretty looking cars like mini cooper, the beatle convertible, and the miata…..thnks in advance :)

A: Pontiac Vibe / Toyota Matrix

mini = expensive to repair/own

VW’s used unreliable, the new beetle is mechanical disaster
cute but unsound.

mazda miata great car fun to drive but not good first car.
(sorry) :(

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