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A: Cute little toy cars….give me a chevy truck anyday….LOL

Q: mini cooper convertible -the wiper stick has a red light on it – why do some have yellow lights?
ok so i have a mini cooper convertible – the wiper stick (or whatever its called! ha! the stick on the right of the sterring wheel) has a red light on the end of it. Why do some mini’s have a yellow light on the end of them?

A: The red light on the wiper stalk is an indicator for how much washer fluid you have.

A red light on the turn indicator stalk is for the optional alarm system.

Q: How many miles does a Mini Cooper S Convertible last?
Approximately how many miles will a well taken care of 2008 Mini Cooper S Convertible last for until it completely dies? Also, how many miles will a well taken care of 2008 Honda Civic Si Coupe last for before it completely dies?

A: Do not drive in the winter (if you have snowy ones) and with the best maintenance possible and good driving habits, it is not inconceivable that either one could last to 500,000 kl or 300,000 miles. The more highway mileage the better. Just remener, the BMW parts are far more expensive.

Q: Which is a better car a MINI Cooper convertible or a VW New Bettle convertible?
Either of these is going to be my first car and I can’t choose.

A: Mini coopers are much better than the new Beatles. They are designed by BMW, so they handle well, and have surprising acceleration. They are also more reliable than VW. I also love all the customization possibilities with the minis.

Q: How much will the mini cooper convertible cost in 2011?
Oops, I meant the 2007 model!

A: It depends on a lot of things like mileage, condition, and where you buy it.
At a car lot it won’t be a whole lot less than a 2009 one but if you know someone who is selling one or trust looking on vehix or ebay then you might get a nice 2007 at a good price.

Q: What is the difference b/tw the Mini Cooper convertible and the Mini Cooper S convertible?
Also can you get a hard top mini convertible as I’ve only seen the soft tops.



A: Ok. The current Cooper S Cabriolet is still supercharged.
The current Cooper S is turbocharged.

The standard Cooper has neither.

Q: About how much is insurance for a mini cooper convertible?
i know the insurance is more for a convertible so im trying to figure out an estimate. ill be a new driver and if it matters im a girl. please help!!

A: I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes so you can find the best option for you

Q: Does anyone know how to fix a mini cooper convertible top?
I haven’t been in any accidents, but the top won’t open. It will open the sun roof part of it but not the entire top. Will someone please help

A: It sounds like a problem with the frame and/or cable of the roof. I’ve heard a few examples of this happening in my time as an admin on a MINI forum, I’ve provided a link in the sources section for you.

I hope you still have warranty!

Q: Do you think the Mini Cooper Convertible is a good car to buy?
I’ve told people i have wanted to buy this car but they all to seem that excited about it. I dont knkow what to do, should i buy it or keep searching?
They don’t like the car

A: Gets better gas mileage than most. Really does depend on your driving style.
The handling is awesome.
They’re well designed, and very safe cars.

Go take a test drive, you love it.

Q: Does anyone know how to program a keyless remote for 2008 Mini Cooper Convertible? It doesnt lower the roof?
It says the keyless remote can be activated or deactivated for certain functions, I am looking for help on how to program the keyless remote to lower the windows and convertible roof…..thx

A: Unfortunately you can’t do this on your own. This has to be done at the dealer. It’s deactivated from the factory to prevent accidental opening of the windows and roof during transport.

Q: Should I be embarrassed that my dad drives a convertible mini cooper?
We got one two days ago, and it’s blue.
Now that I’ve been thinking about it, doesn’t a guy driving a mini cooper seem a little weird? I don’t want to be laughed at or made fun of at school and yes, people at my school make fun of the stupidest things.

Whats your opinion?

A: It is not the most masculine car that someone can buy, but they are really fun to drive for the money. If its a type s then I would say hell no, but if its a base model car then I would say its more on the girly side than anything else. However, not to the point where other kids will point out and laugh at you. If he was driving a yellow vw bug on the other hand……

Q: how many people can fit in a mini cooper convertible?
we have 5 people in the family and i love these cars. but how many people can it hold?

A: The MINI Convertible, either new (just released) or previous generation version only really seats four occupants.

The rear seat bench is narrower than the MINI hatchback or Clubman variants and will only seat two, the seats have a “hump” in the centre and only two headrests.

You also lose some legroom in the back due to cross members under the car for stiffening the chassis.

Our five year old finds leg room tricky when sat behind myself in his booster seat (I’m 6′ tall), adults in the back require the front occupants to “shuffle up” their seats to make it bearable, and only then for short journeys.

I’ve driven several new MINI Convertibles and spent time with them writing for various websites.

Q: the MINI Cooper convertible has a 3-n-1 soft top roof that features an automatic sunroof and a glass rear?
the MINI Cooper convertible has a 3-n-1 soft top roof that features an automatic sunroof and a glass rear window that is what?
The correct answer was Heated rear window. Thanks for all you answer’s!

A: A glass rear is an artificial rectum given to people with severe athlete’s foot. I think your salesman was joking around with you.

Q: How big is a MINI Cooper convertible’s trunk?
like about how big? foot by foot?
any guesses would be good if you’ve seen one.

A: 3X1 ft. Its not big!!

Q: How much would a used mini cooper convertible cost?

A: Wow… lots of open room here. Any idea of year, mileage or condition?

Kelly Blue Book ( puts a private sale of an ‘05 MC ‘vert at 14500 with 50k miles. Add $2′ for an MCS (bigger engine) and extra for more features.

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