Cooper Convertible for sale

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Q:So my question is, do you know how i can find one?


A: You might have to find a suitable mini and get it spayed pink, you might find a pink one in time but this might have other faults. Good Luck

Q: used cars?
ok. so i am starting to look for cars to buy. i want a used car. preferably a bmw or a mini cooper. a convertible would be ideal. but isnt needed. i like white or black cars, but any color is ok.

does anyone know of good websites or cars that are for sale?

also i dont want to spend a whole bunch of money. the cheaper the better. and no older then 2000. i know its alot to ask. but some of the stuff is possible.

- here’s a good website to look for real good, affordable and quality vehicles from official government auctions!

I bought my Honda Accord for just $2250 with a milage of 5,270!
And it’s been already a year I’m riding my car and it’s still doing well! I’ve recommended it to my friends and all of them are enjoying their used cars and have no problem with it!

Q: if you could find A good Used Porsche 911 would you install A pistonless Engine & Lotus Flower Tranny.?
i hope to see & Drive the LediablO Lamborghini version soon we all know they still buid these auto’s 1 Car at A Time.and the 13 computer asstisted kat liped shifter will work well in my future Mauk speed Helicopters.yet knowing the 911 & Turbo Porsche series as well as most Car watchers and most american Cars have droped the ball when it comes to raw Horse power.we build engines smaller with less Horses and ask for more cash fifty grand is the list price and climb’s unto one Hundred plus Thousand from there.even mustang by Ford is all roar and little power unlike it’s 1955 Ford Thunderbird past Race winning Cousin.the cam shaft has been the main stream device thus turning the tranny and rear or front wheels = propulsion devices.yet place the same amount of gasoline in an Pukilator Coffee pot and watch the lid blow off as the fuel is ignited.with A small Ratchet motion we could harness the power of the eplosion with out the use of pistons.which means less wear and damage should the Timing belt or chain slip out of placment.all to turn the main Fly wheel and tranny assembly.easy to design and build and resembles the local mechanic’s Ratchet Tool wrench set.or like unto the Ten speed bicycle wheel free spin 1 direction which allows the devices to back up for another turn while the other piston chambers fire.yet the hand cranked old poultry House window curtain winch is the better visual.end result an engine tranny and sound bellowing out the Porsche’s tail pipes that say’s it is now worth the 50.000 + U:s Dollar sticker price tag.the same ten speed used in Commecial over the Road big Trucks could be shrank down to fit in most modern porsches Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s and not forsaken is most of our favorite’s Moserati sports Car’s.they to could use sum modern star trek Machine minded ReVamping.i would not mind seeing sum new sharp Maserati pet named the Aurkansua WaumbBat and be Razor Back Hog Red White & Blue.Candy apple red paint with white Eagle feather Convertible Roof that looks air brushed on to resemble the Hair apon the U of A logo pet Hog or our Eagle’s Feathered head.and Blue steel wheels that look smelted or marble as if Chrome and Blue steel were mixed together in the same smelting proccessing pot.i wanted to do this at sum local Rim / or wheel producing facility for my ferrrari f 355 post locating 1 apon’s used car dealer ship search.jackie Cooper imports had the 430 Ferrari which would work for mister Bohemia picture hangs in the Adams Building Cafe in down town Tulsa Oklahoma local folks know what I look like.yet sum of my faces should still be in the california Francisco Ferrari Mcgunnuiss laborghinni etc,etc family photographs.thus the years of street machine and sophisticated Helicopter and air craft expertise is with in my selfs History and blood will not take long to build this Wiztek from the Ground up and rescue 1 of these building in down town tulsa and use it as the Wiztek industries world headquaters.releasing my beer squirts yet i must still make the cotract with cadbury ,nestles or Hershey’s Chocolates to make the moneys to build the Two Race track’s & North west Arkansas Thunderdome or Diamond Bowl.plenty of money generating things this man shalt do to give you all your new tracks and N;F:L & pro Hockey facilities and Teams.they switched my name just like they did in the Mad Hatter stories.yet we keep moving forward.most of you get A good idea of what A pistonless Engine would look and sound like.yet for me i will have sum local motor builder build it and self offers it for sale on the world wide market place.this keep folks in A the stories stated my kidnappers Rohypnoled me and droped me off homless and pennyless wearing sum new name.this also ask you selfs the same question.if you were to become poor and name changed and could buy sum used car like the Porsche 911 in the question and make it more cool to own than it was before.would you install it.or do somthing else instead.of course i would never be much of A Santa Klaus lest i helped you all improve your favorite Highway speedster Toyz & Toys spelt both methods.
I apologize that this proccess takes so much Time .yet the wheels alone that we speak of in this text cost around 1500 U;S dollars for the experimental documents just to produce and sell apon the open market.the race tracks and Beer squirts i aurt working on.tastey treets and new Automobile Toyz worth the fifty plus Thousand Dollars you and I would spend.yes this question sould hit that G spot we each hath or have.

A: Computer generated I would guess. Amusing though.

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