2010 MINI Cooper Convertible

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ps–I read there’s a “Sidewalk Package” exclusive to the mini s convertibles for the ’07s and I’d like to know if that applies to the ’10s as well.

A: check the mini usa website, all your options should be their

Q: How can save money to buy a car?
for next spring or even fall of 2010 I really want to get a mini-cooper convertible it doesn’t have to be brand new (parents can’t really chip in) but I really hate relying on my parents and I’m constantly late. Now I have a summer job that currently pays 8.15 I get paid every 2 weeks with roughly 50 hours. During the school year I’m pretty much slammed for time (private school workload and a ton of extracurricular activities). A car would make things easier. Open to all legal suggestions.

A: don’t spend it? haha

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