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A: No, it’s not more dangerous, as long as you watch it on wet roads. The GT has a lot of power and torque, with not much weight over the drive wheels, and it’s easier to break loose and lose traction on a wet road. On icy roads, you have to be really careful.

Q: Where can I find a used mustang convertible for 5 grand or less?

A: 1998 Mustang V6

California or Florida

Q: What is a reasonable for a Used 2006 Ford Mustang Convertible?
I found one for 15k, and I was wondering if that’s a good deal or not
i guess i forgot to add price after reasonable in the title

A: Condition Value

Excellent $14,515
Good $13,665
Fair $12,515

Q: Dose anyone know were i can find a used black 2009 mustang convertible with red interior ?
i would love you forever ! haha .


Q: Can I use a mustang convertible top motor to replace one for an old impala?
I have a 1968 impala convertible that the motor does not work. A buddy told me I could use any motor for the top… suggested using one from a mustang since they are abundant and less expensive than the original units. Is a convertible top motor the same (excluding dimensions) as any convertible top motor?

A: What nobody here has thought of or told you is that it is just not the Motor. You have a Motor that pumps Hydraulic fluid, most of the time regular ATF Fluid, and you have two (2) Hydraulic Cylinders that raise and lower the top. If you do not hear the motor, then it is probably shot. If you hear it, it may not be pumping the required pressure or the cylinders may be shot and need replacing. You need to find out which it is.
A motor runs about $249, and a Pair of cylinders run around $269.
Some of the Chevy’s had a scissor top mechanism which was like a screw jack for raising and lowering and others had a pump motor with hydraulic cyliners. Also the Impala is a larger car and a heavier top so the pressure on it if it does have a pump may be higher than the one on the Mustang with a lighter top and a pump without as much pressure. If you could connect it, it might blow the packings out of the hydraulic cylinders on your mustang. I will give you a few sites you can go to and look up the parts.

Q: Used 05-07 Mustang Convertible for Teenager?
Aside from the fact that it’s a fast sports car, would a used 05 06 or 07 mustang convertible GS be cool for a teenage girl??
Also, what color do you think would be the best/coolest car for a driver in this situation? thank for reaind
thanks for reading**

A: A teenage girl, it may be to much to handle. Personally I wouldnt want something that nice, in fear that I’d wreck it and be out a real nice car at the age of 17…BUT, if you dont care about that, or have so much money you dont know what to do with it, then yes…A used 05, 06, or 07 Mustang is a chick car. I personally like those cars in red..

Q: What Gas to use for a 95 Mustang Convertible?
I have a 1995 mustang convertible that I only use in summer months. Until the gas prices exploded I always used the highest octane possible, but with prices where they are and reading that I am probably wasting my cash anyone know what octane rating I should use? I can’t find the owners manual.

A: gas?! try putting creamed corn in instead. you’d be surprised! use a name brand though and not a private label or generic. especially stay away from walmart brand.

Q: Does a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible have a CD player?
I’m am looking to buy a used 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible in the next 3 years and was wondering if it can live up to my music needs. If it doesn’t have a CD player, is it possible to install one? If so, about how much will it cost me? All possible answers are wanted. Thanks!

A: As mentioned, the ‘66 Mustang didn’t have a CD player available, CD’s weren’t around then. You can have an aftermarket stereo installed, including a trunk mounted CD changer, without cutting up the dash. Check out Mustang parts places such as National Parts Deports or Mustangs Plus. They will have all the stuff you need. A good system for one of these will run you from about $200-$800, depending on the stereo and options you choose.

Q: wats the average price to get new interior in a mustang convertible?
i have a used mustang convertibe… i dont no wat year or anything else… wats an estimate price of redoing the entier interior?? i no alot of u will b likke it depends on bla bla bla but i just need an estimate… thx and if u no bout paintjobs too that wud b great

A: depends on the type of interior leather will cost more than fabric it will cost you about 5,000 i would guess

Q: I used to have a mustang convertible, now what do I get?
Well, typical tragic car story… I had a beautiful 1997 midnight blue mustang convertible, my very first car, and then some moron in a huge pickup truck rear-ended me, and my poor little car went splat. I would LOVE to have another one just like it, but it seems to be hard to find in my area (all I can find are red or white ones, and about 85% of them are automatic transmission– I prefer manual, it’s more fun). Anyway, my question is, if I can’t find another one, what other kind of car should I get? My budget is around $5000, as that’s how much the guy’s insurance company coughed up, but I can go maybe $1000 above (or below would be nice too, haha). I want something relatively small, and cute, but reliable… basically exactly like my old car. Any suggestions?
Okay, I’ve already looked online and in automart magazines and such… I just need to know what to look for. Make/model/year and such. Just suggestions, unless you live in Raleigh, NC, haha. Thanks.

A: How about a Mazda MX-5?

Q: What european coupe or convertible can I get for the same used price of a 1999 mustang gt?
It must be as fast or faster than the mustang, must have a manual transmission and it must be legal in the U.S.

A: Sorry, there isn’t a european fast car that cheap.

But pretty much all of them handle better, even the cheap slow ones.

Q: Is keyless entry a standard feature on a 2001 V6 mustang convertible??
I am thinking about buying a used 2001 mustang convertible, but the seller says that it didn’t have keyless entry. That seems odd to me. I would think that would be a standard feature. I’m wondering if the remotes were just lost or damaged or whatever. The oem remotes are available pretty cheap off ebay, but I don’t want to buy them if I can’t use them. Also, does anyone know how to program those remotes? I know its something about turning the key to on and back like 5 or 6 times or something, but I’m not 100% sure. Thanks for the help

A: No it not Standard, I told another person When we built cars @ Atlanta Assembly lots of cars did not get all the bells and whistle some were just plain , So think about that and if you won,t Key less entry find you one you like, Hope this helped

Q: If you buy a new Ford Mustang convertible, can you get a hard top for when you don’t want the convertible roof?
I have seen some convertible cars in the past where they have hard tops that can be placed on them. So basically you always have the option if you don’t want to be using the convertible. This might be something you would choose if it were cold weather, or perhaps for added security.

Does anyone know if a product like this is available for the new Ford Mustangs?

A: The extra Hardtop for Mustang convertibles are not available from Ford, however there are a couple of independent companies that manufacture custom hardtops.
Smoothline is one of them.

Q: Does anyone know how to hook up subwoofers to a Mach 460 system in a 2002 Mustang convertible,using stock head
Im having trouble hooking up Subwoofers to the Mach 460 system using the stock head unit and a LOC or line output converter I have heard so many differrent ways to do it but none of hem seem to work for me, also my amp doesnt seem to be getting any power. The neoon lights on the side light up but the actual green power light doesnt

A: No idea on the mustang hook up, but I can fix your green power light issue.

A) You power wire is not correctly connect to your battery and/or you have a bad ground wire.

B). Your remote wire is not hooked up to an active wire. What many people do with remote wires on factory head units is run it off the fuse box, off a fuse that only is engaged when the car turns on, and disengages when the car is off.

If you dont know what a remote wire does, it sends the amps a signal off when to be on or off.

Q: We just purchased a 1983 Mustang Convertible. What is the best thing to use for sealing up the window drafts?
Open air spaces where water shoots through, at car wash, and very noisy with the draft coming in on the highway. I assume that we replace the weather stripping, but I have been searching for any specialty products that may do the best possible job of sealing up this 1983 Ford Mustang Convertible.

A: I had one of those and had the same problem! First check to see that the top seats properly. The hinge bearings inside the trunk may be worn causing it not to sit on the windshield properly especially if the metal alignment points are missing on the tops frame. Make sure the locks are adjusted properly. It is possible to tighten the hold down hooks by loosing the lock nut and turning them clockwise, just remember to resecure the lock nut. If all else fails, there is no replacement for new seals than new seals. There worth the money and they eliminate the dreaded Chinese water torture.

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