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A: Condition Value

Excellent $14,515
Good $13,665
Fair $12,515

Q: Does a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible have a CD player?
I’m am looking to buy a used 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible in the next 3 years and was wondering if it can live up to my music needs. If it doesn’t have a CD player, is it possible to install one? If so, about how much will it cost me? All possible answers are wanted. Thanks!

A: As mentioned, the ‘66 Mustang didn’t have a CD player available, CD’s weren’t around then. You can have an aftermarket stereo installed, including a trunk mounted CD changer, without cutting up the dash. Check out Mustang parts places such as National Parts Deports or Mustangs Plus. They will have all the stuff you need. A good system for one of these will run you from about $200-$800, depending on the stereo and options you choose.

Q: If you buy a new Ford Mustang convertible, can you get a hard top for when you don’t want the convertible roof?
I have seen some convertible cars in the past where they have hard tops that can be placed on them. So basically you always have the option if you don’t want to be using the convertible. This might be something you would choose if it were cold weather, or perhaps for added security.

Does anyone know if a product like this is available for the new Ford Mustangs?

A: The extra Hardtop for Mustang convertibles are not available from Ford, however there are a couple of independent companies that manufacture custom hardtops.
Smoothline is one of them.

Q: 2001 ford mustang v6 convertible good car?
My husband is thinking of buying used 2001 ford mustang with 57k miles and 2 accident fix ups for $4200. Is it a good buy? I personally don’t like 2 door cars especially ford but i don’t want to break his heart he so want this car. your openion &/ your experiance with mustang is appreciated.

A: Buy Consumer Reports Guide to New and Used Vehicles at your local Barnes and Noble. In it you will find out all you need to know about this particular car. And I do mean everything lol. You don’t want to break his heart???? If he buys this, he will be the one breaking “your” heart after he realizes how much money he is spending on all the consistant problems he will most definately be having after he acquires this mustang. Buy that book, thank me later. Tell him to run away- far far far away!!!! That car is a rolling recall reguardless of how “nice” it may appear.

Q: What used car search has the most search options? (Must include 2007 Ford Mustang)?
I am looking for a Black Ford Mustang convertible with lots included, such as V8 engine, automatic transmission, leather seats, all of these are a must. It would be great to also have a shaker 1000 (sound system), hood scoop, silver or white racing stripes. Less than 10,000 miles on it. Must be between 2005 through 2008. Any ideas? All appreciated!

A: We just bought a 07 and I did all my searching on Yahoo autos. Use the used car search and put in the year you are looking for and even new ones come up. It was very helpful if you want to actually go see and drive before you buy.

Q: Is there any Ford Mustangs under $10,000 that are used?
I was looking for a used Ford Mustang, preferably a GT convertible, 2005 or greater, in gray. My mom says that if I attend the community college next year (after i graduate high school), then she will get me a mustang to replace my crappy ‘02 ford explorer. I have wanted a stang since I was like 5, so yeah…

A: You can find plenty of them in the 99-04 body style. On right now, there are 8 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT’s in the entire country for under $10,000. They are all totalled cars or have salvage titles. Sorry.

Q: how do i make my 4 cylinder 1993 ford mustang convertible lx faster?
the only way i know how to do this is to get a v6 or v8 or use a manual transmission.. is there any other way possible i can make my car accelerate faster without getting a new engine or transmission? if so what do i do?

A: Look for a Merkur XR4Ti in the junkyards. They have exactly the same engine, except with a turbo. Thunderbird or Couger Turbo Coupes are the same story except that the later ones (‘87 and ‘88 I think) also had an intercooler, like the Mustang SVOs. If you can find one with a bad tranny or accident damage and a good motor, I would grab the entire engine. Make sure to grab the ECM and all the relevant portions of the wiring harness(careful, some ECMs will only work with either a manual or an auto tranny, not both). If you want to put a turbo (or a supercharger) on your existing motor, I would keep the boost very low unless you plan to rebuild the motor to handle the increased pressure and resulting extra strain.

Otherwise, you can add a few HP with high performance spark plugs and wires, a higher energy ignition coil, a low-resistance muffler (the good old turbo mufflers are cheap and work fine), and advance the timing a bit, but not enough to start the engine knocking. To advance the timing you may have to trick the ECM. I had to on my ‘91 Bronco by unplugging a connector while I advanced the timing and then reconnectig it after. These things won’t make a ‘Vette killer or anything, but they will make it a little faster, and you won’t need to open up the motor. You also might notice a slight improvement in gas mileage. I’ve done these things on several of my cars, and sometimes I got better mileage after. Good luck!

Q: Should I buy this Mustang without Stability Control?
Help! I am in the process of purchasing a used 2006 Ford Mustang Convertible and while researching it I realized that it comes with no Stability Control. Im not the type of person that speeds or pushes my cars to its limits so would buying the car anyways, without the stability control, be okay? And in your own words, what does having Stability control do other than helping in a near accident were the driver has swerved to avoid it.

A: Stability control is a terrific feature. It’s the electronic version of a combined limited-slip differential and braking all-in-one that can work wonders to help prevent a vehicle from entering an unrecoverable situation when traction isn’t absolute.

The fact of the matter is that most people who DO “push” their cars turn-off SC if they can precisely because it “numbs” driving dynamics. If you want to kick the rear-end out or drift through a turn; and indeed, if you even want to “burn rubber”, SC will usually stand in your way because it presumes the vehicle shouldn’t be experiencing what you’re trying to accomplish.

It can be a godsend when traction is unexpectedly lost on rain or snow or even when skidding on dry pavement. The trend is definitely toward making SC mandatory like seatbelts because of the number of lives it has saved, many of which never realized the job it was doing at the time. On the other hand, a century of driving took place before its existence; and while it may have been only slightly less safe, SC has never managed to make a safe driver of an unsafe one on its own.

It can be an even-bigger benefit on Mustang because of Mustang’s solid “live” rear axle. Although moot when all four wheels are square to the ground, because the Mustang lacks an IRS (independent rear suspension), it’s easier for one of the two rear wheels to lift from the ground and the existence of SC can be an even-greater benefit to the remaining 3.

With that said, I certainly wouldn’t consider any vehicle without SC to be “unsafe”; it’s just that those equipped with it can be much more safe. Keep in mind, not even all vehicles today offer it. Other aspects of the vehicle like the fact that it’s rear-wheel drive can have a bigger impact upon safety during situations when traction isn’t absolute than the presence or absence of Stability Control; so, I’d look upon it as a very nice thing to have, but I certainly wouldn’t let its absence discourage me from buying a vehicle to which I was otherwise attracted.

Best of luck. I hope this helps.

P.S. If you want more specific information about the various types of SC systems and the basics of what they do, most of the available Wiki entries have very good information to provide you with a limited working knowledge.

Q: How many miles will i get out of a Ford Mustange?
Im thinking of buying a used 2000 Ford Mustang Convertible GT DELUXE. It’s a 6 cylinder and has 101,000 freeway miles. I’m just wondering how many more miles i can get out of it. Any help would be appreciated! thank you!!! :)

A: 100k is not the milestone it used to be in a car’s life. You should be able to add 75k more without major issues. On the other hand, I thought Ford only equipped GT’s with V8 engines. Better check in case the GT badges were just added on.

Q: We just purchased a 1983 Mustang Convertible. What is the best thing to use for sealing up the window drafts?
Open air spaces where water shoots through, at car wash, and very noisy with the draft coming in on the highway. I assume that we replace the weather stripping, but I have been searching for any specialty products that may do the best possible job of sealing up this 1983 Ford Mustang Convertible.

A: I had one of those and had the same problem! First check to see that the top seats properly. The hinge bearings inside the trunk may be worn causing it not to sit on the windshield properly especially if the metal alignment points are missing on the tops frame. Make sure the locks are adjusted properly. It is possible to tighten the hold down hooks by loosing the lock nut and turning them clockwise, just remember to resecure the lock nut. If all else fails, there is no replacement for new seals than new seals. There worth the money and they eliminate the dreaded Chinese water torture.

Q: 1999 Ford Mustang Convertible … Problem with the convertible top.?
Hello, the convertible top started not going down every once and a while a few months ago. No specific reason that it would or would not work. I did not use it for a few months. Now it will not go down at all. I don’t hear it trying to move and I get no response from the switch. Is this a fuse problem or possibly another problem? Thanks for the help!

A: It could be a fuse, switch, bad connection or even the motor or relay for the top. I would check the fuses first and go from there.

Q: How do i install a Convertible Top on my 2000 Ford Mustang?
My roof on my 2000 Ford mustang is starting to tear from the rear window area. How do i install a new roof? does anyone know the steps to installing the convertible top? do i need a roof with a window? or can i just buy the meterial, and use the same window?

A: It definitely is not a one person job. When you order a new top, it comes with directions, but it doesn’t always work out the way the instructions say. My hubby replaced our top and it is a bitch. Have fun. That’s all I can say.

Q: 2005 Mustang convertible rear window falling out?
I have a 2005 Ford Mustang and the convertible top material is peeling away from the rear glass window. It is causing leaking to the back seats. At first it slowly started peeling away, but now the material has totally lifted from the window in certain places. Not sure how this happens? Maybe from the heat being that I live in Florida. Does anyone know if there was a recall on this? or if maybe my extended warranty can cover it? It is not something that I did, It obviously is from cheap materials used by the manufacturer. Thanks.

A: A convertible top that is not garaged lasts on average 5 years. Replace the top and get a car cover.

Q: paint color? 2004 Ford Mustang GT convertible 40th anniversary?
I need to know the exact name of the light gray/silver paint on my 2004 mustang gt 40th anniversary convertible. I need to get the paint redone due to a keying insident and would like to know the actual name of the color used?

A: As someone who is in the auto body industry, I have to first say, the name of the color doesn’t matter. Different paint brands have different names for the same color. What matters is the paint code located in the driver door jamb. Ford has a two letter paint code. i.e. TK or Y7. If you are taking it into a body shop, don’t worry, they will know how to find the code and how to make it match. Always remember, in auto paint, it is the CODE that matters, not the name of the color. Good luck.

Q: Ford mustang convertible. The air conditioning only will not comeout of vents, only windshield defrost vents.?
No matter what setting I use (defrost, A/c, max a/c, vent) the cool air only comes out of the windshield defrost vents. I can feel the cool air when i out it on a/c comming out of the defrost vents but nothing out of the normal face or leg vents. Anyone know what the problem is?

A: No vacuum. Most likely a broken or unplugged vacuum line. Under the hood will be a vacuum line from the engine to a reservoir, and then a black plastic tube from the reservoir to the dash. Verify all that is connected, in good condition, and has vacuum. If all that is good, look up under the dash and see if any hoses are hanging loose. If all Still looks good, then you may end up pulling the a/c control head assy and see if you have vacuum to it on the black hose. It is possible to have a bad control unit, but 99.9% of the time it’s a vacuum supply issue or a hose off. You will find it, and it likely will even be obvious, now that you know what to look for!!

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