2011 Ford Mustang Convertible

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How long does it take for the top to come up or go down?
Can you let the top up while you’re driving?
Will the cloth top fade?

A: Less than 30 seconds
no, the emergency brake has to be applied and the tranny in park
not if you take care of it.

Q: Is it worth to buy a convertible car over a non-convertible?
I want to buy a Ford Mustang 2011 and I could pay extra money for the convertible option. Will i be cold in the winter? Is there hassle? Is it worth it?


A: personal preference mainly, and resale in summer is almost guranteed. What do you want? and as the other answer wrote by replacing tops every 7 or 8 years, it stays plenty winter tight. In the end, its your money, and if you never had one, and want one and can afford it, best of luck, enjoy. its your toy.

Q: Are convertible cars believed to be “girly”?
I want a Ford Mustang 2011, and i dont know if i should get a convertible or not, some people have been saying that convertibles are for girls, but i dont know, so what do you guys think?

A: generally yes, but who gives a crap? i want a mazda miata! its an amazing car! cheap, fuel efficient, lightweight, amazing handling.

Who cares what others think, its your car.

Q: Need help with money???
am about 25 years old and I am a professional football player (NFL). I made about $70 million in the last couple of years from being on tv and from playing. I got so caught up in the money that I bought these cars:
2009 Porsche Carrera GT- $440,000
2008 Hummer H3- $43,000
2009 Ford Mustang GT- $30,000
2007 Jaguar XK Convertible- $81,000
2010 Porsche Panamera- $105,000
2008 Lexus RX350- $43,000
2008 Mercury Grand Marquis- $17,000

These Houses:
New York City, Trump Tower, 2 Bedrooms- $1,500,000
Miami Beach, 3914 Island Estates Dr.- $6,000,000
Orlando, Boardwalk Hotel Rooms- $1,000
Hollywood, California 900 South Northlake Dr.- $7,000,000

And I also bought a nice a*s Yacht:
2011 Mcp Gft 98 Hard Top Superyacht- $8,627,744

And now I have about $4 million in the bank and I dont know what to do, I already got advise from my accountant but now i want other peoples thoughts, tell me wat your think i should do.

A: Hmm…..and to think you were in high school just three weeks ago, judging from your last question (below):

Need help wit this chick???
I am in High school and I like this girl in one of my classes. We never really talked before and we dont really no eachother that well. we are just in the same class and i see her in the hall alot during the day. she is a cheerleader and i am a varsity football player. i was just wondering should i get to no her better then ask her or just ask her

But to answer your question about what you should do…..study hard, get into a good college, get a degree, a nice job, a nice paycheck. Probably not $70M, but heh, it’s a living……

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