Used Sebring Convertible

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A: shocks and struts easily 500 bucks parts and labor, you should, as you’ve stated, have it looked over not by a mechanic, but by an ase certified technician, most shops can do a pre purchase inspection for an hours labor, so you might be out 70-100 dollars but at least you will have a piece of mind one way or another if it’s a good deal or not, make sure they compression check the engine and check the brakes in their inspection, good luck

Q: Value of Used 02 Sebring Convertible ?
Hi, neighbors are selling a used 02 Sebring Convertible. There is no price on the sign, just wondering if someone could give me an estimate of how much it may cost ? I have no clue about the mileage or anything else about the car, I’m just wondering about the price.

A: Chrysler Sebrings are rated as the most unreliable vehicles on the road
(Consumer Reports)

Q: Roughly, About how much would you say insurance would be for a 16 year old to drive a sebring convertible 03′
Please answer this because I can’t really find any info on the web. My dad is concidering a for me a used Sebring Convertible mabey 03′ moddel or an older year. Im from Pennsylvania so any ideas just roughly on the insurance?

A: Have your dad call his insurance company and get a quote on adding you to his policy. That is the only way to know for sure.

Q: front left 4″ speaker popping whn the car is on or whn any elctric is used, 1996 sebring convertible?
itll pop once when i hit the control to put the top down, put the windows down, whn i start the car than itll also pop when the car is running, about every half second. and the speaker will just go pop, pop, pop

A: Sounds like you’re vehicle has bad ground issues and the ignition coil or spark plug wires could be leaking but to me it sounds like a bad ground issue.
Simple test is if when anything that is used in the vehicle is turned on can you hear that same exact sound or are some devices causing a less noise that you’re not hearing.Try taking the speaker out and then try the different devices in car to see if everything seems to be affecting it if so then for sure especially if vehicles engine is off and the speaker does that then there is a bad ground.
Try taking the stereo out and looking the wiring over especially if it’s not a factory unit and is aftermarket etc and has been added bec more then likely the stereo itself either the speaker or stereo has a improper wiring connection or a faulty ground.
I’d be over hauling that vehicles starter , alternator , battery , engine block ground and all grounds , plus any plug in connectors connectors and the basic stuff you need is a small set of wire brushes or fine sandpaper or file etc.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way there are devices out there that help to filter the ground system or stereo system that are quite cheap to buy too but it sounds like you’ve bad connections.

Q: What is the average gas mileage on a sebring convertible? I am looking at a used 2001?

A: 20 city/28 highway.

Q: What are the major failure items on 100K sebring convertibles?
I’m considering buying a used Sebring convertible -middle age crisis -and the last Chryler product I owned was my Fury III so I’m kind of out of the loop.
What are the things that die prematurely and what were the bad years for sebrings if any – thanks

A: According to Chrysler, and I’m not making this up, Based on people who take supper care of their car/truck, and those who never raise the hood until the car/truck just quits.The average life expectancy of a car is 50,000 miles. The life expectancy of a truck is 100,000 miles. The answer to you’re question is everything and nothing. And more importantly, how well was the car taken care of?And if memory serves me, the Sebring convertible was built under Chrysler name, but was built by Mitsubishi. Not a bad company, but a bitch to work on. If it’s a 3 litter, it has a good motor but has oil leak problems. It also has valve guide seals and water pump problems. Be prepared to pony up some money to keep this baby going.

Q: Best place to find a new or used Convertible top for my 2001 Chrysler Sebring?
I’ve noticed my convertible top is starting to crack and will need replacing soon. Does anyone have any ideas of the best and most cost-effective ways or places to find good new or used convertible tops for a 2001 Chrysler Sebring? I need to determine the cost so I can start saving to replace it before it gets bad. I looked around some on the internet, but so far have not had much luck – maybe I’m going about searching in the wrong way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A: Didn’t look very hard did you?

First link that popped up on Google for “replacement convertible top”–SEBRING–sebring.html

Q: What type of clear vinyl sheets should I use to replace a rear window of a Sebring convertible top?
I’m thinking of just using a clear vinyl sheet and velcro strips to replace a rear window on my Sebring convertible.I just don’t know what KIND of clear vinyl sheets I should use.Any suggestions anyone? Thanks.

A: You’re going to have nothing but trouble if you try a do it yourself repair, like constant leaks, or the plastic popping out on the highway. Not sure of wear you live, but I would get a price from either an automotive glass shop, or convertible top business as this is a specialized area of repair. Good luck

Q: Why do Chrysler Sebring convertibles have such HORRIBLE resale value?
I’m looking for a used convertible to tool around in this spring and summer. One that keeps showing up is the Sebring. Now, granted, it looks like it’s for little old ladies, but why do these cars retain so little of their original value? They seem exceptionally cheap.

A: Chrysler has been plagued with transmission problems on the sebring as well as engine problems,and that combined with other things as well as market value drives the price of them down a lot,the sebring is a good looking car,but it has its share of problems,i seen one the other day or sale for 2 grand ,but it needed a top along with a lot of other work done on it,the cost to repair it would have been more than it was worth,Chrysler products loose their re-sale value really bad because of past mistakes,good luck.

Q: Which used convertible is better? 88 bmw or 97 Chrysler?
looking ar roughtly same priced 1997 Sebring convertible w/120K miles and a 1988 BMW 325 (both convertibles). bimmer has about 150K miles. Both have leather, both seem very well cared for. I will do about 20K/year with it.

Any opinions?

A: plastic or German steel.Go for German steel.I put 5 transmission in a chyrsler product.Now a drive diesel mercedes on free wvo.

Q: What do you think about buying a 2000 Chrysler Sebring convertible for $5000.00?
I need to buy a used car in the $5000.00 range and have come across a 2000 Chrysler Sebring convertible for that price. The car is clean runs well etc. What is the history on these cars, engine and transmission wise? I don’t want to make a bad decision because the car looks good and runs good. Thanks !

A: sounds like alot for a 9 year old car and how many miles are on it.if you buy it the first thing i would do is have the tranny fluid changed.the engines are not that powerfull and make sure its not burning oil,drive it a good distance and make sure when its good and warm its not smoking out the tail pipe.have someone stand behind the car rev it up a couple of times and see if its burning oil if it is walk away.i see alot of those cars burning oil when people are driving around.

Q: Can I glue the glass window of my 2000 convertible sebring back into the top? Using 3m weatherstrip adhesive?
It has come off only around the bottom of the window.

A: Try butyl rubber caulk or clear silicone instead of “yellow death” – (trade nickname for 3m super weatherstrip adhesive).

Q: What causes the high beams not to stay on in my 2001 Chrysler Sebring convertible?
The low beams work great and so do the fog lights. There used to be a click when you turned them on now you have to hold the lever in for them to stay on.

A: Sounds like the multi-function switch is defective.

Q: Is my 2004 Chrysler Sebring convertible top made of vinyl or fabric?
I’m discovering that you need to use different products on the top based on whether it’s made of vinyl or fabric. I assume it’s made of vinyl b/c it feels more like vinyl than fabric to me, but I don’t know what fabric convertible tops feel like. And do you have any recommended protectant products?

A: The Original Material for the 1996-2004 Chrysler Sebring is the Sailcloth Vinyl, Sonnedecke (thicker cloth), or Stayfast (cloth)

Q: How do you reattach a glass rear window on a sebring convertible to the top when it comes unglued?
What type of glue can you use?

A: Window adhesive is available from auto supply places or CR Laurence. If you are just trying to seal it, GOOP products, especially GOOP Marine will provide a clear strong seal that is fairly UV resistant.

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