Chrysler Sebring Convertibles

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A: Chrysler has been plagued with transmission problems on the sebring as well as engine problems,and that combined with other things as well as market value drives the price of them down a lot,the sebring is a good looking car,but it has its share of problems,i seen one the other day or sale for 2 grand ,but it needed a top along with a lot of other work done on it,the cost to repair it would have been more than it was worth,Chrysler products loose their re-sale value really bad because of past mistakes,good luck.

Q: Are the Chrysler Sebring convertibles any good to rent in the USA?
I’m looking to rent a convertible from Dollar at Los Angeles Airport, However I’ve heard the Chrysler Sebrings are bad, anyone had experience with them? Or can you recommend a similar rental car?

A: Agree with Ellie. It’s impossible to tell how reliable a rental will be, as you have no idea how its been treated. However, when I get a rental, I thrash it about like there is no tomorrow, because it’s not mine.

Q: Are Chrysler Sebring convertibles worth the flooding when it rains?
I just read up on the consistent flooding that happens when it rains. I was thinking of getting one from ‘98. So, will it be worth it, or am I better off with a Honda Civic or something? Thanks a lot.
By the way, the Civic would be from ‘03.

A: I have a 98 conv. and i love it have had no leak problems at all

Q: how are the Chrysler Sebring convertibles?
I need a new car and I loveee the lookof this one. However I had a few questions…. How are they on gas?I currently have a chevy cavalier and it is very good on gas. Also, do they go fast? haha my cavalier is a slow car, it takes a lot for it to really get moving. And just in general, How well do they drive? any information at all would be wonderful. Thank You!!!

A: It’s the worst convertible you can buy.
Look at the Mazda Miata MX-5 if you want a real convertible.

If it needs 4 seats and to be ‘American’, the Mustang is still a much better choice.

Q: What Would Cause Water In A Chrysler Sebring Convertible?
I have a Chrysler Sebring Convertible and every time there is a a heavy rain, about a gallon of water accumulates on the drivers side floorboard. The top is in excellent condition and this is the only place that water leaks into.

Any ideas as to what’s up?

A: Check the drain outlets in the floor. if they are clogged, water will build-up in the car instead of draining out. There should be a on the right and left, just in front of the rear wheels. Good luck.

Q: 1996 Chrysler Sebring Convertible- What’s the problem with the car?
Hi, I will try to give as many details as possible about my 1996 Chrysler Sebring JXI convertible.

It has about 100,000 miles on it. One day, the “service engine soon” area near the speedometer lit up. I planned to service the engine, but the next day, the car would not start (battery completely shot- no noise when I turned the key in the ignition).

I jumped it and it was back to normal- I ran it long enough, I thought, to make sure it kept the charge. I also got the battery checked out at a mechanic, and the mechanic said it was fine. The car was running ok for a few days and the oil icon was lit up (I planned to change the oil as a result). Now, it won’t start again and I am planning to jump it when I get back home from work. But I am wondering… what exactly is the problem with the car? Is it the battery? Is it something else?


A: It’s really hard to get the battery out of your Sebring to test it.Maybe you already know that the left front wheel is in the way of an access panel that is screwed in to the fender liner.Then the battery is bolted in a tight spot making it a serious effort to remove.The battery needs to come out of there for testing,but by the sound of’s probably 95% worn out anyway from being discharged too much.The alternator should be verified too.

Q: Is it possible to swap for a bigger engine in my chrysler sebring convertible?
I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring convertible i was wondering if it is possible to put in a bigger engine in the Sebring weather it be a bigger v6 or even a v8 engine this is a question that i have been trying tofind an answer to but just can’t seem to find.

A: Anything is possible if you have the money or know how. Short answer is no unless you own a race shop wherer you can make a race car. V8 will never fit. it is a FWD car. You won’t get any V8 to work with it. V6 would have to be a newer one to be more powerful and the transmission would have to match it. If you are able to build a car from scratch then you probably could. Otherwise, no chance.

Q: What options do I have to change out the radio on a 2008 chrysler sebring convertible?
On a 2008 chrysler sebring convertible what options do I have for the radio. The dealer said I could buy the u-connect for $1,000 but he said it would be cheaper just to get a bluetooth system put in. What double din in dash system would be compatible?

A: Your options would be getting a built in Navigation System which can put in through the Radio and would defiantly have Blu-Tooth, whitch would be around $1500-2500. Best Buy would have where they will put them in from radio to nav. Go to or

Q: Are 1996-2001 chrysler sebring convertibles good car?how much should i pay for one with over 115,000 miles ?
how reliable are the tops, engine,transmission?

A: They rattle after a few years.

Get the value from

Q: Is there MP3 capability in the basic Chrysler Sebring Convertible?
I’m renting a convertible from Avis in Phoenix. I’m leaving in 2 days and am wondering if I have to burn Cd’s or if there is an aux ? for connecting my Sansa?
I’m unsure as to which convertible I will get, all they said was Ford Mustang or Chrysler Sebring. Also an unsure as too the model year rental companies keep in their fleet.
Thanks much!

Sedona AZ! Here we come!

A: Burn cds or get a mp3 plug in transmitter.

Q: How should I pimp out my Chrysler Sebring convertible?
Ok so I bought a crappy little 98 Chrysler Sebring JXI… I cleaned it up and want to make it look freakin cool without breaking the bank. I’m only 16 so I really don’t have a huge budget… any ideas?

A: look bro just put some subs in the back thats it cuse when you try and make a sebring look good you make it look worse

Q: Is the Chrysler sebring convertible hardtop?
On the first page, it says hardtop but then when I tried to build my own, it said cloth top.
Thank you very much in advance! :)
And would you recommend this car?
The new, 2009 model that is online on the link that I have. If I get it, I am getting it in September. I am deciding between a couple different cars right now.

A: It is available both ways. Certain trim levels may only be available with the cloth top. For instance, if there’s a 4cyl and a v6, you maybe can only get the hardtop with the V6.

Q: Getting a new Chrysler Sebring Convertible?
I was going to get me a new Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Does anybody happen to own one? I was wanting to know some of the features and experience you have had from these. Please only good experiences. So do you own a Chrysler Sebring Convertible and what features/experiences have you had with it?
It does not have to be a brand new one, as I might get a used one.

A: you might try renting one for a weekend to see if you like it long term….test drives are fine,but you cant tell how the cars gonna be day to day…buying a used one would be a better choice than new….they depreciate alot in value when you drive them off the new car lot…

Q: where can i find a small toy version of a chrysler sebring?
I want to buy a chrysler sebring convertible toy car for my friend for his birthday, like hot wheels or matchbox size, not a model. I have no idea where to get one, is there any place online?

A: try and see if they have one. department stores like target or wal mart has them toys r us but they would have the models too. hope that helps

Q: I am probably going to purchase a 1996 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. What should I look for when inspecting?
I am inexperienced when it comes to purchasing a car. I found a good deal on a Sebring convertible- I am wondering what I should look at/for when checking out the car. It has slightly upwards of 100,000 miles, by the way.


A: you would want to make sure it doesn’t use oil and that there isn’t any problems engine wise then check out all the seals. like the seal around the windshield and the door windows thats very important . and if it doesn’t need any of those and has good tires, springs and shocks you’ll have a good deal in that car when you buy it.

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