2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

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A: The Sebring is the modern clunker. No model from the past and today is even fairly good. Just run away from it. Buy a BMW 328i or a Volvo C70 T5.

Q: Ugliest Cars??? What do you think?
who agrees these are some of the ugliest cars ever…

Acura TL (upcoming 2010)
BMW x3
Bmw x6
Mercedes gl class
Mercedes r class
Pontiac Aztec
Scion xB
All GM minivans
Chevy HHR
Honda Pilot
Acura RL (2009)
Nissan Murano (new 2009)
Chrysler Sebring & Convertible
Toyota Prius
chevy aveo
Toyota vendza
BMW 1 series

If you have any other ideas please leave them in your answer!

A: Agree: new TL and RL, HHR, R-class, Murano/FX35/FX45/FX50 (and Rogue/EX35), 1-series, X3, X6, Aveo, Sebrings, all Scions, Aztec

Add: Ford Flex, Chevy SSR, Grand Caravan (and all its offshoots), PT Cruiser, all Geos, Audi Q7, Armada/QX56, new TSX, Civic coupe/TSX sedan, Honda Element, Acura MDX and RDX, new Passat, Cayenne, the new shape of Volvos (as of 2002ish).

I could go on. I hate what GM has done to the new cars and most manufacturers seem to be messing with the good things. Buying used never felt like a good idea to me but it has also never looked more attractive (literally).

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