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A: I think you’re right to be concerned – sometimes a guy with a car like this fancies himself a player.

Watch “Suspicion” tonight on Turner Classic Movies and see if he’s like the Cary Grant character.

Questions – does he call you by a nickname? Does he brag about getting away with lying? Does he speak slightingly of his mother? Does he use derogatory terms about women? In real life, those are the traits of player-pretenders — you should run.

Q: How many rear view mirrors does a 1972 Corvette Convertible have?
Does a 1972 Corvette Convertible have one rear view mirror on the drivers door or does it have two mirrors, one on each door. I am interested in purchasing a car and I am not sure if the passenger door is original or from a different year car. Thank you for you help.

A: only has one..on the drivers door

Q: 1984 Chevy Corvette Convertible Bumper light, where do I get one?
My friend has a 1984 corvette convertible and is missing a rear center bumper light, Where do I find one?

A: There were no convertibiles made by any GM division in 1984. The convertibile was reintroduced by GM in the Corvette in 1986. The rear center brakelight assembly for the convertibile is in the deck above the emblem.

Q: How much is a turbo charger for a corvette convertible 2010?
Hey guys im turning 18 and am curious how much would it cost to put a turbo charger on my corvette to add about 400 hp-600hp and a body kit. Thanks in advance
Thanks guys btw my dad isnt getting me this car its all me. Im gonna get a job that pays over 100k in computers so please dont say im leaching off my parents.

A: You would be better off super charging a Corvette vs turbo charging.

You can put a Procharger on for about $7,000 installed. Go to West Coast Corvettes and check out the options. Magnusson’s are a little more expensive, and will require an after market hood as well. This may not be an issue if you are going with a body kit.

Check out East Coast Superchargers – they do great work. However, unless you don’t care about the warranty on the car, supercharging or turbocharging WILL void the warranty.

You may also want to consider upgrading the brake system to the ZO6 brakes (or comparable aftermarket). That much more horsepower will require better stopping power.

All this being said, I would not do any of the above. Go with a cold air induction unit, long tube headers, hi flow cats and a good exhaust system (recommend Corsa). Better than that, just buy a ZO6 or a ZR1.

Something to consider…A stock C6 Corvette with 436hp will smoke 95% of the cars on the road. The car only weighs 3100lbs. Doing the above will give you about 35-40 more hp which will take care of another 2-3%.

Q: Is it legal to allow my baby to ride in my 1986 corvette convertible?
Is my girlfriend allowed to ride on the center console, and have the carseat belted down on the passengers seat?
I have no other transportation and need to use the corvette just for temporary….baby is 9 months old….no I have no plans to sell the car or trade it in for a minivan.
I live in Michigan.
Don’t want to risk getting a ticket.

A: First of all, there is no law mandating the seating of a child in a vehicle that has two rows of seats. That would eliminate a lot of pick up trucks and a few other vehicles.

Second of all, the car does not have a passenger side air bag.

It is completely safe to tote your child around in your Corvette if you have them properly secured. You unfortunately will not be legal with an additional person riding with you as they will be improperly secured.

Q: Is Chevrolet planning at anytime to make a Corvette ZR1 Convertible?
I like Corvette’s but i want a fast convertible and all my friends have been telling me to get a dodge viper but the performance of the corvette is way better

so i wanted to know if they Corvette were ever going to make a ZR1 Convertible

thank you

A: There are no plans so far. Keep an eye on the major auto shows like the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. This is when General Motors will debut their concept cars.

I agree with ls1bird. the roof is a major structural component of a car. Making this car a convertible would introduce body flex and reduce it’s outstanding cornering abilities.

Q: My boyfriend and I are planning a trip, driving our Corvette Convertible to the Northestern states.?
We will be leaving around the 5th or 6th of Sept. Wouldl like to hug the coastline so would be grateful for routes and suggestions of places to go and visit. Instead of making reservations, we were just going to go with the flow. Thought we would drive straight to Maine and drive south from there. Any suggestions would be grateful. I love watching Ghosthunters so if there is any suggestions to stop somewhere, that would be appreciated also.

A: Get started right away and send for tourist brochures and maps from all the states you’ll be visiting. You can get the addresses via Advanced Search.

Mobil Travel Guides, although rather expensive, give listings of restaurants, hotels and motels, and interesting sights and attractions. Check them out at a bookstore.

You could see and do more with a slightly circular route, depending on where you’re starting from. I like the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York ( — a great toy and play museum for all ages). A little further south in New York State is scenic wine country, with tours and such.

Q: how to replace the front speakers, 1990 corvette convertible?
how do you replace the front speakers in a 1990 corvette convertible? I believe they are 4×6’s. We can’t get the panel off to access them without breaking it… does anyone know how?

A: Start by removing the press in keepers in the bottom of the door panel(round, interior color)there are 5 of these along the very bottom of the door panel. next remove the 2 phillips screws from the interior door pull handle, the one you use to close the door(look straight down into it) then remove the one phillips screw from behind the interior door release handle. carefully with a 90 degree pick, pull straight out on the manual door lock knob, it will pry off, then slip that piece forward and off so the door panel will clear the lock rod, the mirror/window switches simply pry out of the panel, Carefully wiggle the release handle and switches back through the holes in the door panel when removing the panel, slightly tug the door panel up and towards you, it should come right off, good luck and be careful…. I hope this helps.

Q: Can a 335i BMW (Steptronic) beat a stock 2003 Corvette Convertible in a 1/4 mile drag race ?
I am not sure what year the BMW is but I assume it is a 05′ or ‘04 .

A: 2007 is the first year BMW had a 335i.

And looking at the specs from, it’s a driver’s race.

Q: Need help. 2005 Corvette convertible or 2005 Mercedes slk 350. Which is better and more reliable?
Is the Mercedes a money pit? Rarely see them on the road. Opinions greatly appreciated.

A: I would buy the mercedes slk 350, My father in law has 2 vettes, I have driven them both frequently ( to the dealer on more than one occasion) I have a mercedes E320 4matic. which is the daily driver. My mercedes has 74000 miles on it and requires little or no maintainace that I cannot do myself. I could go to the dealer for my yearly service but all the parts are readily available online for a reasonable cost. My merc. is fully loaded, heated mirrors,seats, washer fluid,power seats. car tells me how much oil, washer fluid, outside temp, premium sound cd,tape, alarm, traction contol all wheel drive 281 hp (nice) it even washes its own head lights, anyway… They don’t make a corvette that can compete with my E class daily driver not to mention a slk. BTW my father in law prefers to take the mercedes to the gollf course when we golf and every once in a while I will let him drive. I have never driven a car as nice and reliable as my mercedes benz. Both vettes,one convertible and one t-top are exteremely loud(thats why the have bose systems otherwise you wouldnt hear the radio) and the handling sucks, driving on the freeway with ruts is like a rollercoaster with your eyes closed, just hold onto the wheel. Granted my benz was $62k new but they are in a different class.

Q: What is the value of 1982 corvette convertible in mint condition, only 1800 miles?

A: cars like that are only worth what a collecter will pay. look at others on the internet and see what they are going for. a collecter will give you good money for it.

Q: How much would servicing be for a 2006 Chevrolet Convertible Corvette? Just a tire change and tire rotation?
I need a mechanic to answer this one!!!

A: call a mechanic and find out, lol.
Don’t you know how to use a phone?

Oh ya, you also need a phone book, too.

Q: I have located a 1958 Corvette Convertible with a 2-speed automatic tyranny. How rare is this combo?

A: That combo isn’t very rare, at least not more so than the car itself. 2,057 cars came with the powerglide that year. The other alternatives would be the 3-speed manual, or the rare 4-speed, of which there were only 600 some odd ordered.

Q: My 2001 convertible corvette makes A loud noise like A vent opening when I reach 140mph.Why does this happen?
The noise start at about 136mph and when I reach 140mph there is A loud noise like some window opened or some duct or vent opens. The performance is not affected, when I slow down the noise decreases. Can anyone tell me why? Is this normal?

A: it is probably the cops car behind you trying to catch up to give you a speeding ticket… better get the lead out of your foot!

Q: how much does a teenage car insurance for a 1991 chevolet corvette convertible cost per month?
my grades havent been good till this year i kinda have a bad record idk if that would effect it so ya i no i turn 16 on tuesday and im getting the car for my bday so i need to no quickly how much the insurence would cost thanks

A: It’ll cost you about $140, give or less $150 depending who owns the car, where you live and about twenty more things.

You can only be on your parents own insurance so ask them to ask their insurer.

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