Chevy Corvette Convertible

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Q: ‘01 Chevy Corvette Convertible?

Can a corvette convertible go through a regular car wash?

A: I never take mine thru a regular car wash. I paid way too much for it to risk damage to the undercarriage and also damage to the paint. Commercial car washes are very hard on your paintjob. Find a good hand car wash or do it yourself.

Q: Which is better, Porsche Cayman S or C6 Chevy Corvette Convertible?
I need straightforward answers.. thanks…

A: well straight fowerd th e corvette would win becaus eof its v8 with 400bhp and its torque of 400 pound feet

Q: Problems with a 1987 Chevy Corvette with a 4+3 manual transmission?
I have a 1987 Chevy Corvette Convertible with a 4+3 manual transmission with less than 50,000 original miles. Yesterday when I started it the clutch would not fully engage and the car started backing up even though the clutch was fully depressed. When I tried to stop and shift into 1st the shift lever would not budge…it was like I was not pushing the clutch at all. I had noticed the day before that the shifting lever was hard to operate. I don’t suppose there could be an “inexpensive” explanation for this or is it something that is going to cost me another 500 bucks to fix?


There are two types of people in this world…Corvette owners…and them that wish they were!

A: Sounds like a hydraulic clutch problem. First check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder. If it’s too low, it may have sucked air into the line.

Put me down as one of those that wishes I was . . .

Q: i have a 1969 chevy impala convertible with an original L48 350ci/300hp corvette engine, how rare is this?
I know how much this car is worth without this engine but I want to know if this was an engine option that did not occur much in the impala in ‘69.

A: Perhaps one of the most lovable collectors items today. We have a few in our country with the original paint, interior, engines and gear boxes and very carefully maintained. I cannot confirm the engine on one of the cars, since it has been a long time when we talked to the owner about him selling the car, but I recollect it was a V-8. The white wall tyres and covers were original as well. In 1992 he wanted US$ 20,000/- and I am sure someone must have paid him that amount.

Q: Whats a 1988 Chevy Corvette 35th Anniversary Edition Convertible hardtop worth? Showroom Condition.?
White on White. Hardly driven. Garage kept. Like it just come off the Showroom floor. NICE!!!!

A: I agree with the above post, but what something may be worth and what you might get for it are 2 totally different things. Since you can get many C5s now for low 20K with low mileage, including some older Z06s, it will be a tough sell unless someone specifically loves the C4 chassis Corvettes. I was a big C4 fan until I drove a C5.

Q: Compare 1998 corvette to 2005 Nissan 350Z convertible?
I am looking at trading my 1998 Chevy Corvette for a 2005 Nissan 350Z convertible.Do you think I will be happy with the Nissan?I have had the corvette for about 6 years.

A: i know a couple a guy’s with 350z’s and they luv’em, they are fast, handle great BUT when they need fixin, holy smoke are their part’s COSTLY, out side of that they are a sweet ride but then so is the vett.

Q: Why is my 1991 corvette convertible overheating?
I have a 1991 chevy corvette with a 5.7L engine. I am having problems with temperature gauge showing 260 degrees F at the red line when the vehicle sits running at idle after 10 minutes. I have flushed the radiator, put in a new water pump, put in a new thermostat, and replaced the secondary radiator fan relay. What else could be causing the vehicle to overheat? I have spent countless hours doing these repairs with my father-in-law and have spent over $150 in parts… Any suggestions at all will be appreciated… thank you ahead of time
of course we have checked the oil and that has nothing to do with it unless it had a cracked head which it doesnt

A: maybe because a old car and new things on it caused a problem idk take it to a car tuner so they could fix it up to see what the problem is

Q: 1960 chevrolet bel air 2-dr sedan, 67 plymouth barracuda, 68 corvette convertible…?
78 chevy malibu, 68 camaro rs, 67 ford falcon sport coup, 60 chrysler 300 f? or your pick for the best classic muscle cars?

A: My 1972 Ford Cabri…… christ I miss that thing.

Q: is this too much for a car?
i found a car that i really like! it is a 1966 chevy corvette convertible! it is candy apple red with a black top! it is in perfect condition – no scratches, all original interior, and has never been wrecked! it is so pretty! only prob is: the seller wants $150 for it! is that too much to pay?

A: YUK, YUK, tell me another joke

Q: What are the following cars, trucks,&suv’s? What are the makes,models,&years? Please answer as many as you can?
What are the following cars, trucks,& suv’s? What are the makes,models,&years? Please answer as many as you can possibly name. I am putting the following in my automobile collection, and I’d like to know the make, model, and year of each one, if possible.

This is an Oldsmobile of some kind. But what is the, model, and year?

1960's Oldsmobile

This is an old 1950’s car. But I don’t know the make, model, and year. Maybe you do. (It’s under a tarp though) :-)

do you know?

This is an old Blazer of some kind. I’m not sure of the make, model, or year.

Old Blazer

I believe this is some kind of old Buick, but I don’t know for sure. But, if I’m wrong, what is the make, model, and year?

Old Buick

This I think this is an Mg. But I’m not sure.

This is an old Jeep truck, but what is the model, and year?

I definately don’t know what this is. I need to know the make, model, and year of this one! I have no idea what it is!

What is the year, make and model of this old truck? I think it’s an old Chevrolet long bed truck, but I don’t know the year.

What is the year of this Chevy Corvette Convertible.

What is the year of this Corvette?

Correct me if I’m wrong on guessing any of them. Answer as many as you can. thanks.

A: 1 66 Olds Cutlass

2 55 Ford 4 door,hard to tell with the cover on, but the tail lights give it away, Edsels didn’t even come out until 58..
3 79 Ford Bronco
4 51 Buick,853&sigr=10uoqq9l8&sigi=11lt20t2e&sigb=12vneh8op

5 74 MG coupe
6 50 Jeep 1/2 ton pu
7 37 Buick sedan, correction, 37 Oldsmobile

8 61 Chev long bed
9 65 Corvette roadster
10 80 Corvette roadster

Q: Opinions of 2006 corvettes?
What’s your opinion of 2006 Chevy convertible Corvettes?
-what do you think of the look?

A: I have an 05 coupe that I love. It’s LeMans Blue and it’s great. I know several ppl that have both coupes and verts and love them. For the $50,000 that I paid for it, it was a bargain. Performance, good looks and reliability. What more could I want?

Q: opinions of 2006 corvettes?
What’s your opinion of 2006 Chevy convertible Corvettes?
-what do you think of the look?

A: Like them a lot. The C6 looks a lot better than the C5. Mainly because they do not have the flip up lights anymore and look a lot more sleak and clean. My friend has a 2007 Z06 and it’s sickest car if you can afford it. Performance is awsome and all that comes with it is unbeatable. Plus everything stock with them looks good including the rims. His color is the nicest I have seen it really stands out and sets it apart from the other vettes out there. It’s the La Mans blue which is not offered anymore. But you can get it matched it was the same color of the C6 ZR-1 first production vette. this is his 10th corvette and says that he will own nothing but a vette, they are really reliable. The price for a 06 used depending on miles can be from high 40,000 to as low as maybe 20’s if it has a lot of miles. Used Z06 with around 10,000 miles is around $75,000. Love the cars and think it is the best designed corvette so far. If you wanna see a really tight C6 vette look at Pratt and Millers C6RS. You can take the C6 you have and have them upgrade it for you to be like their race cars.

Q: How do I start learning about/getting into cars?
I always hear my friends talk about cars like Ford Mustangs, Ferraris, Chevy Camaros, Volvo Convertibles, Corvettes, Maseratis, Mercedes and Porsches just to name some that my friend told me about. What do these names mean and how do I “name” a car when I see it? For example, when somebody sees a Ford Mustang, how do they know it’s a Ford Mustang and how can they tell?

Yes I am stupid for not knowing about this.
Yes it is and this is so confusing.

A: Car magazines; subscribe to one or two, or check your library.


Q: which do you like better…?
nissan 350z 2008 or chevy corvette 2007 convertible

A: nissan 350z

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