Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

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A: call a mechanic and find out, lol.
Don’t you know how to use a phone?

Oh ya, you also need a phone book, too.

Q: 1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible?
My girlfriends uncle has an old 1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible and its in bad shape, i’ve never seen it its out on her grandparents farm in Winnipeg but apparently looks like a cow ran into the back end… How hard would u say it would be to repair it, is it worth it…i’ve done work on cars but nothing to this degree and I only know the minimal things. Its been kept outside too for years only covered by a car cover and a tarp. How much would it cost, any ideas?

A: The car has a fiber glass body. If you’re planning on doing your own repairs and do not have previous experience with this type of material, don’t even think about it.

Q: Where is the Bose factory amplifier located in a 1999 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible?
Trying to install a DVD screen and looking to bypass the factory bose amplifier.

A: in the back on the right side of the cae look for the subwoofer in the back in it under ther in the truck

Q: Is Chevrolet planning at anytime to make a Corvette ZR1 Convertible?
I like Corvette’s but i want a fast convertible and all my friends have been telling me to get a dodge viper but the performance of the corvette is way better

so i wanted to know if they Corvette were ever going to make a ZR1 Convertible

thank you

A: There are no plans so far. Keep an eye on the major auto shows like the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. This is when General Motors will debut their concept cars.

I agree with ls1bird. the roof is a major structural component of a car. Making this car a convertible would introduce body flex and reduce it’s outstanding cornering abilities.

Q: 1960 chevrolet bel air 2-dr sedan, 67 plymouth barracuda, 68 corvette convertible…?
78 chevy malibu, 68 camaro rs, 67 ford falcon sport coup, 60 chrysler 300 f? or your pick for the best classic muscle cars?

A: My 1972 Ford Cabri…… christ I miss that thing.

Q: Would you choose a 2007 Jaguar XKR Convertible or 2007 Corvette Convertible or Z06?
07 Jaguar XKR Covertible
07 Chevrolet Corvette Covertible or Z06

A: I just got a 2007 XKR. I’m not a bit sorry.
It’s fast, comfortable, and gorgeous. Not in the same league as the other cars.

Q: Which would you take out of the 2010 Chevrolet Corvette GrandSport Cabrio or 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 Cabrio?
Which car would you rather have and why
i just want to know which car you would rather want to be able to own
im not bothered about insurance so please dont worry about that

The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible

The 2010 Viper SRT10 Convertible

A: The Viper.

Vettes are a dime a dozen mate.

Edit: Since 2008, Viper V10 produces 600bhp.

Q: What is your opinion on buying cars on eBay?
Is it safe enough?
I was planning on buying this car….

A: I’ve sold a vehicle on e-bay and it worked out well for both the buyer and seller. E-bay motors has some good guidelines. Here are some suggestions:
Don’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do when buying a car such as sending money to a stranger.
You must see and drive it first before paying. If it isn’t what the seller advertised, you must NOT buy.
As always when buying a used car, or any car, let the buyer beware.
Nice car. Hope you like red!

Q: 2000 Corvette Vertical Doors?
I want to get vertical doors for my 2000 corvette convertible. It cost about 1k for a good kit from


Anyway, i wanted to know about how much do you think an auto body would charge me to install this?

A: I suggest you give the job to a shop that SPECIALIZES in Corvettes, such as

Then, you will know the job is done right the first time.

Q: Cadillac or Corvette?
is corvette the same thing as Chevrolet or something? why is it called Chevrolet corvette?? whats better a convertible Cadillac, a convertible corvette, a convertible Porsche, a convertible Pontiac, convertible Audi or a convertible BMW? list them from 1 -6 (the great to least)
which would look better a white car or a black???

A: Ok, first off, Chevrolet is the maker of the car Corvette, hence its called Chevrolet Corvette. Just like Honda Civic. And a car looks cool in white and hot in black…what you want depends on what you prefer: hot or cool look. And my list for convertibles if as following:
1. Porsche (Boxter is the only convertible they make, and nothing in the world drives the same as a Porsche).
2. BMW (not all BMW are beautiful as convertibles, but the one I would go for is the Z4, the only car that comes even close to the Boxter)
3. Audi (they have proved to be the best 4 seater convertibles, and the TT roadster is a very good car)
4. Corvette (though i would prefer the hardtop, because the converible loses with the top gone)
5. Cadillac (they have not been very good for the past couple of years, but with the CTS, they are edging in on the germans, although caddy has still not given any good convertibles, and the XLR is horrid to drive.)
6. Pontiac (the cars have no feel at all…horrible in every way)


Q: One Physics motion problem?
A Chevrolet Corvette convertible can brake to a stop from a speed of 60.0 mi/h in a distance of 123 ft on a level roadway. What is its stopping distance on a roadway sloping downward at an angle of 35.

???? ft

A: 1/2mV^2=m g (Ufric) d, & 1mph=5280ft/3600=1.46667 ft/sec ,
g=32 ft/sec^2
V2=2g Ufric d, V^2=64 x Ufric x d
[60(5280/36000]^2=123 x 64 x Ufric, Ufric=7744/123×64=0.9837
Then,1/2mV^2=(mgUfric – mgsin 35)d=mg(Ufric-sin 35)d
V^2=2g(0.9837- sin 35)d, d=7744/64(0.41)=295.03ft
God bless you.

Q: One Difficult Calculus Question?
1. A Chevrolet Corvette convertible can brake to a stop from a speed of 60.0 mi/h in a distance of 123 ft on a level roadway. What is its stopping distance on a roadway sloping downward at an angle of 35.0°?

???? ft

A: Acceleration due to friction is found by:

vf^2 = vi^2 + 2ad
a = 60mph^2 / 2d ~= -31.5ft/s^2

The new decelleration at a 35.0° down-angle will be:

31.5 ft/s^2 * cos 35 – g sin 35 = 7.43 ft/s^2

vf^2 = vi^2 + 2ad

d = (60mph)^2 / 2 (7.43 ft/s^2) ~= 521 feet

No calculus required.

Q: Do You Agree Cars Made In America Are More Patriotic Than Cars Made In Mexico Or Canada?
Forbes Magazine also thinks so.

These cars have the most American made parts. Also, some have top ratings for either quality and/or safety.

Pontiac G6 ( Coupe / 86% Domestic Content)
Chevrolet Malibu Maxx ( Hatchback / 86%)
Mercury Montego ( Sedan / 75%)
Ford Freestyle or Taurus X ( Wagon / 80 %)
Chevrolet Corvette Convertible ( Convertible / 85% )
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 ( Sports Car / 85%)
Lincoln MKX ( SUV / 95% )
Hybrid — Saturn Aura Green Line (86% )
Cadillac STS ( Luxury Car / 75% )
Lincoln Mark LT ( Truck / 80% and said to be better than Mexico’s Cadillac Escalade EXT)

“Forbes: The Ten Most Patriotic Vehicles “

Toyota Sienna ( minivan / 85% Domestic Content)
Forbes:”Level Field Institute (LFI), a group representing U.S.-based automakers and suppliers… says that buying a domestic-brand car, even if it’s produced elsewhere, supports significantly more U.S. jobs than buying a foreign-brand car that’s assembled in the U.S., as most of the lucrative engineering, design and executive jobs of foreign car companies are still located overseas. For example, LFI says that buying a Ford Fusion assembled in Mexico will support about six times as many jobs as a Hyundai Sonata assembled in Alabama. “
For Nannie: Patriotism is also doing what is best for a country. For example, Japanese try to buy Japanese products just because it helps to improve the stand of living and make the country richer. And China’s government limits the amount of imports of foreign made products to increase the country’s wealth. China was even taxing foreign made cars with a 100% tax. All of the tens of thousands of expensive Mercedes and BMWs in China really cost the owners double the price as in America.

Also, China refuses to let most companies sell products in China if the company does not make a factory there. Microsoft was forced to hire Chinese workers just to sell Windows and Office there. Also, Motorola couldn’t sell U.S. made cell phones in China. Motorola now sells Chinese made Motorola cell phones in China. Since Motorola taught China how to make cell phones, there are now Chinese cell phone makers that now compete with Motorola. (Cellphones were invented in America decades ago)

A: Toyota is being made here in the US.

Funny, American companies can’t seem to make American cars in America. But Japan can?

Q: I made a list of what I think are the top twelve cars ever tell me what you think of the list?
In order by year they came out not by favorite:?
1953 Chevrolet corvette
1954 Chevrolet Bel Air?1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria?1956 dodge coronet?1956 Cadillac Eldorado?1957 Pontiac Bonneville
1959 Ford Thunderbird Convertible
1960 El Camino?1961 Chevrolet mako shark
1963 Studebaker Avanti?1969 Chevrolet Chevelle yenko 427?1969 Baldwin motion

A: you did pretty good on that one,,but you left a real good one out,the dodge challenger hemi cars,,and the older mustang gt,s were good,other than that ,,id like to own one of each of those,,they would be worth some good money ,good luck hope this help,s.,,have a good x-mas.

Q: Which car would you rather have?
2010 Ford Shelby GT500

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 ZR-3


2009 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Convertible;_ylt=Ar5WFi7RUm2u6gZCqmnocdcwhb8F;_ylv=3

A: They are all Nasty looking (nasty meaning good looking)

Im a Chevy girl.. so im goin with the corvette…

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